Get to Know Former H.O.T Member and One of SM Entertainment’s Stockholders, Kangta

Kangta’s Love Life

Beautiful love life is very desirable for everyone, including K-Pop artists. Kangta really wants to have a very beautiful love life. He said, “My last relationship was three years ago. I don’t have a girlfriend right now. Since I haven’t been dating, I think my love cells are dying.”

When conducting an interview, Kangta once discussed if his ideal type is F(x)’s Victoria, he said, “She has a lively and vibrant charm. Ever since I’ve said this on broadcast, she’s distanced herself from me. She hasn’ t contacted me since. Her number has changed.” Kangta continued, “If I may explain, what I mean is that she resembles my ideal girl. I hope you will keep in touch with me like before.”

In 2017, Kangta mentioned that he wanted to get married soon. “As the weather gets cooler, I’m getting Lonely for no reason,” he said. Kangta also expressed, “I want to get married, but I’m stuck. I can’t imagine becoming a family with someone. I think I need to prepare my heart.” When Lee Jae-won asked when he’d like to get married, Kangta responded, “I’ll do it before I turn 45 years old.”

In 2018, Kangta talked about his dating and love life experience in TVN’s Life’s Bar. From Soompi, he was concerned about loneliness, saying, “My last relationship ended in 2014. At some point during the relationship, I wasn’t passionate about love as I used to be. When I met my girlfriend, I was calculating whether I would marry her or not. I feel really sorry for her, so I was the one who suggested we break up.”

Kangta even added that he was quite hurt when his first love broke up with him. He shared, “I was in the waiting room, and my girlfriend asked to meet up. We couldn’t because of my busy schedule though, so I called and broke up with me. At that moment, I couldn’t breathe. I’m not exaggerating. I closed my eyes and rested for a moment, but I heard that I wasn’t breathing for a minute. That’s how painful my first love was.”

Kangta as SM Entertainment’s Creative Director

In March 2014, Kangta and BoA officially became the creative director of SM Entertainment. Through a press release, the agency announced the news, writing, “We have appointed Kangta and BoA as ‘de facto’ directors. The two will participate in various new business plans and as creative directors will employ their know-how to use what they’ve built up with their global activities.”

Through the routine shareholders’ meetings, Kim Young-min, Han Se-min, and Nam So-young who have been reappointed as board directors, and through the board of directors’ meetings, Kim Young-min has been appointed CEO.

In 2019, BoA and Kangta, who are also directors at SM Entertainment, have earned a profit of over 100 million KRW ($88,594 USD) through stock options in the past year. As of March 2019, Kangta has a total of 153,030,000 KRW ($135,575 USD) within the past 4 months and BoA earned a total of 111,880,000 KRW ($99,118 USD).

Kangta owns 5,500 SM Entertainment Shares

Surprisingly, Kangta, as a creative director, has 5,500 shares in SM Entertainment. That accounts for 0.02 percent of S.M. In December 2018, S.M Entertainment’s shares were priced at 49,900 won ($44), making Ahn’s stake worth 274.45 million. He owns 5,500 SM Entertainment shares.

Kangta’s Net Worth

Having an occupation as a singer, composer, songwriter, record producer, actor, and radio personality, as well as a creative director at SM Entertainment, Kangta has a huge income, he also has 5,500 shares in SM Entertainment. Kangta’s net worth is estimated to be $20 million as of 2018.

Latest News of Kangta

There are no recent news about Kangta in 2019. For now, Kangta is busy with his individual activities, including in the field of music, such as making songs. He is also participating in the activities of taking care of SM Entertainment because of his position as Creative Director, he helps groups, such as EXO, Red Velvet, and others. You can follow his Instagram @an_chil_hyun to learn more about his activities.

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Good luck with Kangta’s career and his love life!