Get Closer to Actress Kang Ye-won: Profile, Relationship, Plastic Surgery, and Movies

Kang Ye-won

All About Kang Ye-won

Kang Ye-won is a South Korean artist who made her acting debut in the SBS adult sit-com Honey Honey in 2001. She was known as Kim Ji-eun before she resumed her acting career in 2004 starring in the movie My 19 Year Old Sister-In-Law with her stage name Kang Ye-won. The 38 year-old actress become popular after appearing in movies such as Haeundae (2009) and The Harmony (2010) that hit 10 million viewers.

Kang Ye-won also appeared on MBC’s Real Men in 2015, which made her look pitiful. However, due to the controversy of her appearing on a variety show based on a military training, Kang Ye-won did well and gained her self-confidence, so that she could encourag other people to get through hard times and to have a strong mind.

Kang Ye-won also appeared on the virtual marriage variety show We Got Married: Season 4 and was paired up with actor Oh Min-suk. Not only that, Kang Ye-won also appeared as a member of the girl group Unnies  on the variety show Sisters Slam Dunk: Season 2. So, if you want to know more about the soft-warm-kind hearted actress; Kang Ye-won, check out her full profile below!

Kang Ye-won’s Profile

Real Name : Kim Ji-eun (김지은)

Stage Name : Kang Ye-won (강예원)

Birth : Daegu, South Korea, March 15th, 1980

Religion : Catholic

Zodiac : Aries

Family Member : Parents and one younger brother

Education : Seohyun High School & Hanyang University

Blood Type : O

Height : 162 cm

Weight : 48 kg

Nationality : Korean

Talent Agency : SM Culture & Contents

Active Year : 2001 – present

Official Sites : kangyewon0315

Daum : yeawonmaria


Television Series

  • 2001 – Honey Honey (aired on SBS/role as Sassy Girl)
  • 2002 – Who’s My Love (aired on KBS2/role as Joo-mi), Five Brothers and Sisters (aired on SBS/role as young Han Sun-hee)
  • 2003 – Long Live Love (aired on SBS/role as Lee Ji-hye)
  • 2004 – My 19 Year Old Sister-In-Law (aired on SBS)
  • 2012 – One Thousandth Man (aired on MBC/role as Gu Mi-jin)
  • 2014 – Bad Guys (aired on OCN/role as Yoo Mi-young)
  • 2016 – The Game Is Back (aired on KBS2/role as Yang Baek-hee)
  • 2017 – A Mortal Man (aired on MBC/role as Lee Ji-young)
  • 2018 – Drama Stage – Fighter Choi Kang-soon (aired on tvN/role as Choi Kang-soon)


  • 2002 – Sex of Magic (role as Han Ji-hye), Addicted (role as Young-eun)
  • 2007 – Miracle on 1st Street (role as Sun-ju)
  • 2009 – Haeundae (role as Kim Hee-mi)
  • 2010 – Harmony (role as Kang Yu-mi), Hello Ghost (role as Jung Yun-soo)
  • 2011 – Quick (role as Chun-shim/Ah-rom)
  • 2012 – Ghost Sweepers (role as Chan-young)
  • 2013 – El Condor Pasa (role as Soo-ha)
  • 2014 – The Huntresses (role as Hong-dan), My Ordinary Love Story (role as Park Eun-jin)
  • 2015 – Love Clinic (role as Gil in-seol)
  • 2016 – Trick (role as Young-ae), Come And See Me (role as Kang Soo-ah), El Condor Pasa (role as Soo-ha)
  • 2017 – Part-Time Spy (role as Jang Yeong-sil)

Variety Show

  • 2013 – 1 Night, 2 Days Season 2 (aired on KBS/role as a guest star on ep. 454-455)
  • 2014 – Running Man (aired on SBS/role as a guest star on ep. 184)
  • 2015 – Real Men: Female Soldier Special – Season 2 (aired MBC), We Got Married – Season 4 (aired on MBC/role as Oh Min-suk’s couple from ep. 146)
  • 2017 – Sisters Slam Dunk: UNNIES – Season 2 (aired on KBS2)

Awards and Nominations
  • Kang Ye-won was nominated at the 30th Awards of Blue Dragon’s Film (2009) for Best New Actress of Haeundae, at the 46th Baeksang Art Awards (2010) for Best New Actress of Harmony, at the 47th Daejong Movie Awards (2010) for Best New Actress of Harmony, at the 31st Awards of Blue Dragon Film (2010) for Best Supporting Actress of Harmony.
  • Kang Ye-won won awards at the 18th Cheonsa Film & Art Awards (2010) as Best New Actress of Harmony.

Fun Facts About Kang Ye-won
  1. Kang Ye-won stopped singing in 2009 due to developing vocal fold nodules, but resumed in 2017 becoming a part of Sisters Slam Dunk Season 2: Unnies, but her diagnosis worsened to having swollen left vocal cord, which would take longer to heal.
  2. Kang Ye-won joined SM Culture & Contents on April 2013. The actress has signed a contract with one of the Big 3 Agencies in South Korea. The representative for SM C&C said that they will worked together with the actress and hope that the fans will keep looking forward to it. Kang Ye-won’s latest movie “The Huntresses” ended along with the contract from her previous agency. Kang Ye-won’s contract with Wellmade STARM ended in October 2013, but she had to work under the agency for another period of filming. And now the filming period has ended, and actress Kang Ye-won joined the big family of SM C&C with other top stars such as Jang Dong-gun, Kim Ha-neul, Kang Ho-dong, Jun Hyun-moo.
  3. Kang Ye-won was criticized for being fake during her appearance on the television program “Real Men”. The actress temporarily took over the radio program for MBC FM4U’s ‘FM Date’ that has been placed by Sunny from Girls’ Generation. She talked about her experience while filming “Real Men”, where celebrities get admitted to a military camp, and experience army life for 5 days. They had to let go of their polished image and show their real self. Kang Ye-won expressed her disappointment with regards to the criticism that the show and the cast members have been receiving from the viewers. In addition to mere surface qualities, her immature attitude and below-average score in training made her kind of an ugly duckling among her peers. She had to wipe her make-up without hesitation, which frankly revealed her bare face, and wear the thick glasses she had kept hidden for a long time. She was saddened by those who said that the participants are “Fake Men”.

In the other chance, Kang Ye-won was also interviewed by a reporter from Ilgan Sports to share about her experience on “Real Men” and talk about what it feels like to be a part of the show. Kang Ye-won explained how she decided to participate on the show after her manager offered her a spot on the show.

The actress hadn’t even watched the show, and she wasn’t fully prepared, but the scriptwriters of the show asked her to watch it in order to make it more realistic, and Kang Ye-won watched the first episode. After she talked to her manager, they say it would be a great opportunity to approach the public in a more friendly way.

Kang Ye-won also mentioned that she gets a bit too nervous when she has to go on a show, and thought that “Real Men” would’ve helped her get rid of the nervousness as well.

Kang Ye-won explained that she’s an emotional person, and gets really tearful in sad or harsh situations. On the bright side, she said that she didn’t cry over what has already transpired. After her appearance on the show, Kang Ye-won had a chance to read some online comments saying that she should be admitted to a mental clinic, which made the actress felt really bad.

The show is very real, and she got to know a part of herself that she didn’t know before. She also felt very flexible to reveal her true self to the public after the show. After being asked who she would recommend for the third season of “Real Men”, Kang Ye-won didn’t want to recommend others so easily. Otherwise, the actress would recommend a woman who has recently gone through something difficult or who wants to posses a strong mindset, .

  1. Kang Ye-won made an appearance as a guest on the variety show on KBS2 “Happy Together 3” on April 2015. The actress who starred in 2014 OCN’s drama “Bad Guys” reveals why she doesn’t like kissing. During the broadcast, Yoo Jae-suk as the MC of the show, asked about it and Kang Ye-won talked about her personality, where she is always working without taking time off, and getting used to loneliness.

“My brain is like a child’s when it comes to sex. I don’t kiss. Holding hands, leaning on a guy, riding on his shoulder, biting, all of that is okay with me, but I don’t like the kind of kiss where you have to open your mouth.” Kang Ye-won stated.