Get Closer to Actress Kang Ye-won: Profile, Relationship, Plastic Surgery, and Movies

  1. Kang Ye-won made a shocking statement to Oh Min-suk while explaining her priorities as a straightforward approach to his visual husband. The actress was so eager to have children, that she decided she doesn’t have to be married to become pregnant. In a preview of We Got Married, Kang Ye-won expressed her strong desire to start a family soon, and she had already passed the average age for a first time mom, she wanted to settle down right away. It was started from Oh Min-suk who talked about how much he enjoyed spending time with his niece, and it turned to Kang Ye-won saying that he must also really want a child. But whether or not he’s ready for the responsibilities of parenthood, the next thing she said shocked him. Kang Ye Won said she wouldn’t have to be married to become a mom, she also added that she’d like to get married and have a child at the same time, and get married after being with child.
  2. On February 2016, We Got Married: Season 4’s Oh Yeah’ couple reached their final episode of filming the virtual show. The Couple, Kang Ye-won and Oh Min-suk, can’t hold back their tears and saying a farewell to each other. They would filmed their final date together on their own without the production staff, so they can spend their time alone. Both of them had a great time shopping and eating in the popular shopping district of Myeongdong, and then driving to MBC studios to watch their previous episodes together. As was reported by allkpop, both of them laugh and kid each other as they watch the video, but Kang Ye Won quickly gets teary. Oh Min-suk says he promised himself he wouldn’t cry, and goes to get her some tissues. But as they talk once he returns, it’s clear that he’s trying to hold back his tears. In the interview, Kang Ye-won said that she tried hard not to cry but she did anyway. They made a lot of great memories, and he had a big influence on her, so Kang Ye-won was so grateful.

When their date timer only has 2 minutes left, Oh Min-suk takes his virtual wife’s hand and said he was really happy to meet her, and the actress also said so too. Oh Min-suk added even after the show is over, they have to stay and help each other, and to not think of it as the end. And so the timer beeps, marking the final moment of their time as a virtual couple. Kang Ye-won keeps crying, and Oh Min Seok comforts her and warns her that if she keeps it up, he’ll start crying too.

In a private interview, Kang Ye-won explained that she felt like she gained a precious person, and from the beginning to the end he has been someone that’s always cared about her. She was so grateful for each and every moment, in which he always tried to make everything fun for her. Once again, she started to cry. After she collects herself a bit, Kang Ye-won asked Oh Min-suk to meet again soon and go to a dog café. The staff then surprises both of them with tickets to Hawaii, which they had planned to go to for their honeymoon. They’ll be able to use their tickets whenever they have time in the next 100 days.

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Is Actress Kang Ye-won Dating Oh Min-suk In Real Life?

After the final episode of We Got Married: Season 4 ended, Kang Ye-won and Oh Min-suk received a lot of expectations from the viewers. Now the show has wrapped up and fans have been wondering if something is going on between the stars since their chemistry while filming is undeniable. Oh Min-suk made an appearance as a guest star on SBS Power FM’s radio program ‘Choi Hwa-jung’s Power Time’. The actor was getting asked by the host if there was any possibility that he and Kang could turn their relationship on the show into a real one. Oh Min-suk explained that he and Kang Ye-won still support and encourage each other. Dating in real life is a different thing, and they had good feelings about each other. They matched well during filming, and the actor revealed they’re a good friends now. Oh Min-suk once confessed that Kang Ye-won came across his mind even if they are off-screen. Kang Ye-won responed that she has plans of seeing her ex-virtual husband after the show if it’s possible.

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Back in the time from We Got Married: Season 4’s filming, Kang Ye-won suggested to Oh Min-suk to have a real heart to heart talk after they finished up filming We Got Married. The actress also explained in her solo interview that she told Oh Min-suk to have a deep talk later on in a drunken state to get to know more about each other if they really date  after the filming had finished. Oh Min-suk’s responded as well, he told the producers to do that whether they feel the same when they’re not filming since those kinds of thoughts naturally come up.

Do you think they had a real relationship and are dating off-screen?

Kang Ye-won is well known as a female celebrity with a kind heart. She cares the most, and is very shy to show about her personality, but it doesn’t hide her true talent as an actress, and she has starred in so many movies and drama. The viewers might think that she has a hard time appearing with tears and a sad story about her life, but the important thing is Kang Ye-won also tries her best to be on the television and to put her hard work into her acting career by taking different roles in every movie and drama.  Let’s us take some time to appreciate Kang Ye-won as a female celebrity, and hope for the best in her real life & acting career!