Get Closer to Actress Kang Ye-won: Profile, Relationship, Plastic Surgery, and Movies

Kang Ye-won’s Dating and Marriage

There is no news that can be found about Kang Ye-won’s dating rumours or being in a relationship with a man. The actress also hasn’t give any statements about her plans to get married anytime soon.

Cha Tae-hyun Kang Ye-won

In September 2013, Kang Ye-won chose Cha Tae-hyun as a guy she coul get married to. Kang Ye-won appeared as a guest on the variety show “1 Night 2 Days”, and she was asked to choose who she would get married to. At first attempt, Kang Ye-won chose Cha Tae-hyun without any hesitation, and chose Lee Soo-geun next. For the third one, she started showing hesitation by choosing Jang Dong-hyuk and then however, Kang Ye-won choose Joo-won as the third one.

Kang Ye-won Starred on ‘We Got Married’

Kang Ye-won WGM

Kang Ye-won joined the variety show We Got Married that aired on MBC. The show pairs up celebrities who pretend to be married couples, and complete various challenges together. At this time, Kang Ye-won became one of the virtual couples with actor Oh Min-suk for We Got Married: Season 4 starting from 2015 ep. 276-310, and they had to ‘divorce’ a year later in 2016.

Who is Kang Ye-won’s Virtual Husband?


Kang Ye-won’s husband is South Korean actor Oh Min-suk. The actor recently appeared on the dramas “Nine: Nine Time Travels,” “God’s Gift – 14 Days,” “Misaeng,” “Kill Me, Heal Me” and “All About My Mom.” He is the same age as Kang Ye-won, and they get along well together.

The ‘Oh Yeah’ Couple Moments on ‘We Got Married’

  1. Oh Min-suk surprised to Kang Ye-won with a food truck that he personally drove and handled. He also served toast to the movie set Kang Ye-won was working in to attempt to cheer her up, and successfully made people love the toast. The actress, Kang Ye-won was definitely surprised to see him making toast. During the interview, she wasn’t expecting that, and she really didn’t know. She thought that he was a food worker and also commented on how delicious the toast was by stating that Oh Min-suk might be successful if he opens a toast restaurant.
  2. Oh Min-suk impressed his virtual wife, Kang Ye-won with his muscles as the couple started scuba diving, getting into wet suits. Kang Ye-won’s virtual husband started doing push-ups and she can’t help but look at Oh Min-suk and getimpressed. Kang Ye-won helped her virtual husband wear the wetsuit, but she was getting teased by Oh Min-suk, because his virtual wife had a hard time helping him. The virtual husband shyly said that he’d just gained extra weight, but Kang Ye-won obviously thought otherwise.
  3. The ‘Oh Yeah’ Couple recorded a rap song for We Got Married’s filming since Oh Min-suk has a friend in the Hip-Hop industry, and the couple managed to wrote a song. The lyrics tell the story of Kang Ye-won’s first meeting with Oh Min-suk. Once the rapper who produced the music sang the lyrics, Kang Ye-won seemed to letting out a tears as she heard the song, and mentioned that she wrote the lyrics while thinking of her husband. She was touched to recall the moment when she first met him. Oh Min-suk also stated that Kang Ye-won was really good at writing lyrics. He really liked it and left him speechless.
  4. On We Got Married’s calendar photoshoot, Kang Ye-won and Oh Min-suk showed their intimacy as virtual newlyweds. In this episode, Kang Ye-won wore a sexy Christmas costume, meanwhile her virtual husband, Oh Min-suk, wore a reindeer costume. After the couple changed their costumes, Oh Min-suk wore the costume of legendary idol group, O.T, and Kang Ye-won changed her costume into the legendary idol girl group, S.E.S. Oh Min-suk also surprised everyone while dancing to H.O.T on the stage and without losing the important moment, Kang Ye-won took a picture of her visual husband dancing, even if he was shy and dragging his face down.

    Kang Ye-won's WGM costume

After taking the photoshoot with cute concepts, the couple moved to a more ‘dangerous’ set. They both got soaked inside a bath tub surrounded by a lot of bubble soap. Kang Ye-won even made an initiative to look sexier by soaking her hair and making it wet. They started the photo shoot while playing with the bubble soap and then the staff had them kiss between a piece of bubble gum, but Kang Ye-won leaned closer into Oh Min-suk, and they turned to kiss each other.

Kang Ye-won WGM

The photoshoot heaten up after Kim Min-suk took off his clothes, but he managed to wear it back. The couple got more intimate after they had to freeze for the ‘almost-kiss’ scene, even though they burst out into laughter after the intimate photo shoot.