Get Closer to Actress Kang Ye-won: Profile, Relationship, Plastic Surgery, and Movies

  1. On May 2015, ‘The Korea Times’ had a chance to interview Kang Ye-won at a café in Samcheon-dong, Seoul. The actress, who starred in adult comedy film “Love Clinic”, explained that it’s not easy for an actress to choose to be a part of sex talk in Korea. Kang Ye-won denied such notions, saying that she didn’t hesitate to be featured as a female urologist who falls in love with a male gynecologist. It started because of her curiosity, that drove her forward from the past of her career. Kang Ye-won stated that her curiosity led to this rather erotic, but also convivial, romantic comedy, a genre which has so far remained unpopular. There aren’t any romantic comedy films that have been released after the box office success in 2002 of “Sex Is Zero” and it’s one of the reasons why she decided to appear in “Love Clinic”.
    love clinic

    love clinic 2

The actress said that being a female urologist in the film is not as bad as people think. It was a interesting and different experience when she was allowed to bring up any kind of sexual innuendo because she was a doctor who took care of men’s urinary system.

In the film, Kang Ye-won was destined to meet male gynecologist; played by actor Oh Ji-ho, who moves into the upper floor of her apartment building, and opens his own clinic right next to her. The two characters specialize in the genitals of the opposite sex, but are unskilled at dating, and begin bickering like a feuding brother and sister at first, but later fall in love with each other.

    1. Kang Ye-won talked about her complex about having a large breast. The actress made an appearance as a guest with her co-worker; actor Oh Ji-ho, from her previous drama “Love Clinic” on JBTC’s “Witch Hunt”. Kang Ye-won said that she has had large breasts since she was a little. The actress, who made her acting debut in 2001, said that it’s pretty when your breasts are a moderate size or even if you have no breasts, you can look sexy. Kang Ye-won added that she has a small pelvis, and her lower body is so much like a child’s she had to do exercises to widen it.

      Kang Ye-won Complex
    2. Besides her main profession as an actress, Kang Ye-won also had passion in arts, and a love for painting. In December 2015, Kang Ye-won starred in “Women Art” of InStyle magazine. The actress showed her artsy apartment, which was more like a creative home filled with abstract paintings, contemporary structures, and minimalistic furniture. According to the magazine, Kang Ye-won explained that there lies a deep story in every corner of her house which is full because of her unique interior decoration style and love of modern art. Kang Ye-won stated that she never learned a specific technique for painting, and thinks that everyone should have the commitment to pursue any painting style. The actress has been doing art & painting on her own. She has also added that these days, she is hooked on the murals by the British graffittist Banksy, and wanted to live freely and happily hwen she draws.
Kang Ye-won in InStyle
Kang Ye-won in InStyle
Kang Ye-won in InStyle
  1. Kang Ye-won starred in “Part-time Spy” as a secret agent. The movie was released in March 2017, and Kang Ye-won’s character is a woman who takes one part-time job after another while struggling to find full-time employment. The actress hoped that her humorous side will get special attention from the viewers, since the genre is comedy .

    Kang Ye-won
  2. Kang Ye-won has a motorcycle license, which she got because of her previous film “Quick”. She passed the test on the second attempt.
  3. During the filming of We Got Married, Kang Ye-won was visited by Verbal Jin at the recording studio. The fact that Kang Ye-won is a fan of Verbal Jint made her virtual husband Oh Min-suk jealous.
  4. On Sisters Slam Dunk – Season 2: Unnies, Kang Ye-won showed progress in singing. She was a great singer before, and had to stop singing because of a vocal cord problem. Also, she had a trauma singing high notes. During the show, she could slowly heal her trauma by singing. With the help of SM vocal trainer, Jang Jin-Young, Kang Ye-won said she would change her method of singing, and she could recover her soprano singing skills while learning it. Kang Ye-won was also encouraged by Wendy when Red Velvet came to the show. The vocal trainer revealed that Wendy was reported to have had the same problem with Kang Ye Won, so Wendy could gave her secrets about how to solve the problem, and made the actress feel assured hearing her advice and gaining her confidence in singing.
  5. Kang Ye-won opened up an art exhibition for the public and got visited by her best friends from Sisters Slam Dunk – Season 2: Unnies. In June 2017, several members of Unnies; Han Chae-young, Hong Jin-young, Minzy, and Jeon So-mi got together to visit Kang Ye-won’s art exhibition without Kim Sook and Hong Jin-kyung, because they had already visited. Their friendship is so strong that they posted some pictures they took at Kang Ye-won’s art exhibition at the same time on Instagram.

    Kang Ye-won Unnies

Did Kang Ye-won Get Plastic Surgery?

Kang Ye-won Plastic Surgery
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There is no recent news or rumours about Kang Ye-won having plastic surgery. Her facial features still look the same from the past to now, and there didn’t seem to be any changes in her looks from top to bottom. Kang Ye-won once stated that she has a complex about her breasts, but she didn’t manage to change her shapes or go to get plastic surgery. Instead of doing plastic surgery, Kang Ye-won maintains a healthy life and did some exercises to keep her body shape. Her skin might show some aging in some parts, but it doesn’t hide her true beauty, and her smile also makes her appearance look more pretty.