What Is the Secret Behind Kang Sora’s Perfect Body? Check out Her Diet Tips!

Kang Sora diet

The Secret of Kang So-ra’s Perfect Body

Kang So-ra is always busy with her schedule as an actress and model in the Korean entertainment industry. She’s also busy with her personal activities outside of her schedule. Surprisingly, Kang So-ra is able to maintain her fit and perfect body even now. Known for having a good body shape, the public is curious about her diet and other tips. Here are the secrets behind Kang So-ra’s perfect body.

Kang So-ra’s Tips to a Perfect Body

Kang Sora ballet

Don’t Eat Late at Night

Eat before 6 pm every day and don’t eat afterward. If you ever eat after 6 pm, try to exercise lightly and avoid sleeping within four hours after so the fat won’t be kept easily.

Eat Three Times a Day

Don’t ever try to skip a meal because your body needs the energy to support daily activity. Usually, Kang So-ra eats three meals a day with at least 100 g of carbs. She eats yogurts and fruits for breakfast, half a bowl of rice and some vegetables for lunch, pumpkin soup for snack time, and sweet potatoes and steamed cabbage for dinner.

Don’t Forget to Exercise

Kang So-ra tries to move as much as she can. She combines cardio with weight training which is perfect for sculpting an S-line body. Kang So-ra also recommends ballet or Pilates.

Give a Day to Eat What You Like

Don’t completely avoid your favorite food. Kang So-ra really likes to eat bread. She gives herself a cheat day from her diet to eat some bread. By doing that, Kang So-ra doesn’t stress herself by limiting herself to the point of craving food she really likes.