Curious About Whether Kang Sora Had Plastic Surgery or Not? Here’s a Photo Comparison!

Kang Sora

Did Kang Sora Had Plastic Surgery?

In the entertainment world, every actress or actor eventually has some rumors attached to them. One of the most common rumors involves speculation about whether or not they’ve had plastic surgery. Kang Sora is a beautiful actress who has often rumored to have had some work done, but is it true? Let’s look for the differences that make people wonder.

Some people are curious if Kang Sora had plastic surgery or not, so let’s look at the pictures. We can look at the shape of her eyes, nose, and possibly her jaw, to do a comparison. In the past, pictures of Kang Sora made it seem like she had narrow eyes, but now her eyes looks more open, and this could be the result of having double eyelid surgery.

Another feature of Kang Sora face that seems different now is her nose. Earlier, Kang Sora’s nose seemed to be more on the plump side, but now her nose seems a lot narrower, so it may be possible that she had work done on the nose, too.

The other thing that looked different on Kang Sora’s face over time, is her jawline. Before her diet, Kang Sora seemed to have a rounder jaw, and now her jaw has a perfectly defined V-shape. On a Korean TV program, though, Kang Sora shared her secret for maintaining her V-shaped jaw, saying that she does facial massage using the soju glass.

Until now, Kang Sora has never admitted or denied any of the rumors, so we can’t confirm for sure whether she really had plastic surgery or not. Even so, don’t be too quick to jump to the conclusion that she did. There are a lot of other ways to get a perfect face, starting with a strict diet and diligently going to the gym to shape the body for beauty treatments.