Are You Curious With Actress ‘Dream High 2’ Kang So-ra’s Net Worth? Check It Out, Here!


Meet the Gorgeous Actress Kang So-ra

Kang So-ra is an actress who has been working in the Korean enertainment industry since she was 20 years old. In 2016 she signed a contract with her agency, Plum Entertainment, along with Min Hyo-rin (Taeyang’s wife), Im Si-wan, and many more. She is obviously famous for her great acting, but also famous for having a great physique. This 29-year-old actress has been attracting public attention for her long, slim legs since her debut. Her figure is a body goal for many Korean women and also considered as an attractive body by Korean men.

Kang So-ra’s Profile and Career


This girl shares the same birthday as BTS’s J-Hope, but she was born first, in 1990. She is well-known not only as an actress, but also as a model. She started her entertainment industry debut with an appearance in various music videos and her role in the movie ‘4th Period Mystery’ as Lee Da-jung in 2009. With her acting, she successfully impressed the film director, Lee Sang-youn. Fun fact time: in this drama, Sora brushed her teeth so many times her gums bled before she filmed the kiss scenes with Yoon Seung-ho. She did that because she was afraid that she would have bad breath.

In 2011, she started gaining popularity because of her role in ‘Sunny‘, a coming-of-age film about a group of high school girls growing up in the 1980s. She practiced screaming and kicking her legs really hard to get into her character more as Chunhwa.  She went to Han River Park in the middle of the night just to practice. The same year, she also appeared in ‘We Got Married‘ season three with Super Junior’s Leeteuk as her husband. We Got Married is a South Korean reality-variety show that paired up celebrities who pretended to be married couples. The PD commented on why he chose them as the next couple, saying “Seeing them through pictures, I thought they fit together particularly well, in terms of visuals. You’ll be able to see a shy Leeteuk and a lovely new side of Kang Sora.”  They are known as “Dimple-couple”, netizen’s also commented that TeukSora (Their ship name) was like a couple from a fairy tale. Their last episode was surprising for viewers when Leeteuk unexpectedly kissed Sora.

In the following year, Kang So-ra played one of the leading roles in the musical drama ‘Dream High 2‘, as Shin Hae-sung, a girl who learned music through textbooks. This drama is full of idols like Got7’s JB and Jinyoung, Park Jin-young, the CEO of YG Entertainment, Ailee, IU, PSY, and many more. Given the quality of the cast, it’s no wonder Kang So-ra became well-known for this drama. In 2012, Sora also surprised the public with her fluent English when she was interviewing the makers of the Disney movie Brave. She was chosen to be the interviewer because she’s the Korean dubber for ‘Merida and the Magical Forest’ in the movie.

The next year, Sora kept getting roles in more and more movies, dramas, and commercials such as Ugly Alert (2013), Rude Miss Young-ae Season 12 (2013), My Paparotti (2013), and ‘Cheer Up, Mr Lee’ (2013), where she had a cameo role of herself. Once again, Kang So-ra earned a huge reputation after starring in two hit series in 2014. The medical drama Doctor Stranger, in which she starred with famous actor Lee Jung-suk. Doctor Stranger was really popular in China. The next one is ‘Incomplete Life’, also known as ‘Misaeng‘, a drama based on a webtoon story of the same name. Because of this drama, many more people were taking note of her slender figure, even other celebrities have commented that her body is unreal. They couldn’t believe how a high-waisted skirt could give Sora that gorgeous look.


Success kept following Kang So-ra. We can see how she always manages to get the main role in her next dramas, such as Warm and Cozy (2015), the law drama My Lawyer, Mr.Jo (2016), and Revolutionary Love (2017), in which she played with Super Junior member, Choi Si-won. The number of her fans has kept growing and growing. Based on her fans’ letters, she said that 90% of her fans are female and 10% male. In 2018, Sora appeared in The Beauty Inside, but only in one episode as a guest role. Lastly, this year, Kang Sora appeared in Race to Freedom: Um Bok Dong, a biographical drama that’s based on a true story, and the human comedy film I Won’t Hurt You.