Kang So-ra Is Leeteuk’s Ex-Wife from ‘We Got Married’- How Is Their Relationship Now?

Their Relationship Now

After they ended their shoot for We Got Married, they were both busy with their respective activities. Leeteuk had to go to the army and couldn’t make any appearances on TV, but their relationship remained close even outside shooting. Kang So-ra said that when she was going to act in Dream High 2, the two of them kept communicating by sending each other short messages of support. She also said that Leeteuk’s profession as a singer really helped her to grasp her role in the drama.

Leeteuk Misses Kang So-ra

When We Got Married aired their Chuseok special episode, where Leeteuk participated as the MC, he clearly declared that he missed his former virtual wife. He said it after seeing how sweetly another couple from We Got Married were working together to win a game, and he seemed to be remembering his own moments with Kang So-ra while they shooting for the show. He said that he still kept in touch with Kang So-ra, and they maintain their close friendship.

Kang So-ra and Leeteuk

Apart from this, they also followed each other on social media. But when the news about Kang So-ra officially dating Hyun Bin came out, Leeteuk suddenly unfollowed Kang So-ra on Instagram, although Kang So-ra still followed his account. Many fans speculated that he had a broken heart, while others were saying that it was to respect the relationship between Kang So-ra and Hyun Bin.

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