Spending Time And Living With His Cat: Here’s Kang Min-hyuk’s Appearance In MBC’s ‘I Live Alone’


Watch Kang Min-hyuk’s Interaction With His Cat Pets on I Live Alone

As the drummer of CNBLUE, Kang Min-hyuk has both looks and talent for success in music and entertainment. He’s also famous for his athletic body, strong arm, and six-pack abs. On music videos and in public, Kang Min-hyuk shows his masculine look.

In MBC’s I Live Alone, Kang Min hyuk showed his softer side. It turned out that he raises two cats in his house. He showed that on the outside he looked tough, but, on the inside, he is caring and considerate to his cats.

In this article, Channel-Korea will explain all about Kang Kim-hyuk’s appearance on MBC’s I live Alone. So stay tuned!

MBC’s I Live Alone


I Live Alone is a semi-documentary-reality program aired on MBC. It was broadcast every Friday at 11:00 p.m KST. I Live Alone showed single Korean celebrities in their daily lives, in their homes or at work. According to the program’s official site, there are more than 5 million singles in Korea, and the number continues to increase. The show gained popularity because viewers could see their favorite single celebrities in their actual looks, their homes, and their daily activities.

CNBLue’s Kang Min-hyuk appeared on the show. He finished the shooting on June 10th, 2015. After editing, his episode was aired two day later, on June 12th, 2015.

Morning Routine

Kang Min-hyuk usually cooks his own food when he is at home. He started the day by cooking rice. Meat is the most preferred ingredient in his menus. He said that he ate meat three times a day and meat provided his daily protein supply. As CNBlue’s drummer, he needs energy and protein throughout his daily activity. Kang Min-hyuk preferred eating home cooked food more than any restaurant food.

On the morning of his birthday, he prepared seaweed soup for himself. As a Korean, he is accustomed to eating seaweed on his birthday. He was completely satisfied with the taste of his homemade seaweed soup. His mother and CNBlue friends sent birthday message to him. He replied to their messages and included the picture of his seaweed soup.

After finishing his breakfast, Kang Min-hyuk prepared several sets of flowers. That day was his birthday and he had a fan meeting event in the afternoon. Perhaps, he prepared the flowers for his lucky fans.

Kang Min-hyuk is A Cat Lover

Kang Min-hyuk woke up early in the morning. He had returned to Korea the previous night. He had a busy promotional schedule that resulted in many international concerts. He said that during the promotional days, he only spent five days in Korea. The rest of the days were spent traveling and promoting the group’s latest single.

His cats, Dada and Chichi, were nowhere near him when he woke up. He called them, but they were avoiding him and stayed in their corner. Perhaps, he traveled outside Korea for too long, and his cats were used to his absence.

Not to be deterred, he prepared a way to regain their love. He walked to the refrigerator and took out some cat food. As soon as he walked toward refrigerator, his cats approached him in an instant.

Cat Bath

In the morning, he decided to bathe both of his cats, ChiChi and Dada. First turn, ChiChi was calm and relaxed. Kang Min-hyuk had no difficulties in bathing ChiChi. However, Dada was very difficult to handle. Dada was uneasy when he took her to the bathroom. She escaped from Kang Min-hyuk’s grasp and ran toward the living room while she was all wet. Kang Min-hyuk slipped in the bathroom and fell when trying to catch Dada. Dada slid under the sofa and hid from him. However, he used cat food to draw her out from under sofa and took her back to the bathroom.

Birthday Party With Fans

Kang Min-hyuk attended a birthday party with around 150 female fans. Early in the morning, a group of makeup artists and hair stylists took care of his hair. He looked like a truly handsome fashion model when he went out and headed to his birthday party-fan meeting.

At his fan-meeting event, young fans waited for him patiently. All of them were young girls or young women in their early twenties. As he entered the venue, fans were excited and shouted happily.

After his introduction, suddenly the lights were dimmed. Kang Min-hyuk was visibly surprised by the situation. A lady from the staff brought a lighter and lit the birthday candles. The birthday cake was tall and very cute, with drum ornament on the top level. They sang a birthday song for him, but the tempo was too slow. He jokingly told them that they weren’t drummer fans because they couldn’t keep the tempo. He prepared flowers for lucky foreign fans. Other fans stared with envious looks when the selected fans received flowers from him. Instead of receiving seaweed soup as a birthday present, he prepared and gave seaweed soup to one lucky fan.

In a later segment, Kang Min-hyuk read post-it messages from his fans. A fan wrote that she wanted him to act cute. Fans made a joke that he has to manage his toilet better. In one of the episodes of I Live Alone, when he appeared as a guest, his toilet was clogged and he was embarrassed when fans from around the country know about his clogged toilet.

Opening Gifts and Letters

After attending his birthday party with his fans, Kang Min-hyuk returned to his home. He sat in the middle of his living room with a load of gifts and letters from his fans.

On the evening of his 25th birthday, Kang Min-hyuk spent his time watching TV in his living room. One by one, he opened the gifts. All the gifts were proof of his popularity as a CNBlue member. Computer fans, scrapbooks, drumsticks, room fragrance, and wine were amongst the present he received. He kept all the presents at different places in his house.

After opening the gifts, he started opening the written letters from his fans. The letters came from fans in Korea and all over the world. While looking at the letters, it was revealed that the letters came from Egypt, Uruguay, Peru, and other countries. His fans were really passionate about him. They visited his birthday party, gave him valuable gift and wrote heartfelt, hand-written letters. Kang Min-hyuk was really touched by the attention from fans, and he thanked fans for their warm attention.

As the sun went down, he turned on his TV and watched baseball games. He also enjoyed playing football games. Around dinnertime, he looked for a delivery food menu and ordered Korean mixed rice, bibimbab, and noodles.

That was all the information about Kang Min-hyuk spending time and living with his cats. Don’t forget to give your thoughts in the comment section.