Before and After Kang Hye-jung’s Plastic Surgery


Let’s Find out About Kang Hye-Jung’s Plastic Surgery Rumor

Everyone knows Kang Hye-jung as the wife of the famous singer Tablo and a mother of the very cute child Lee Haru. She is also known to have such a sweet and unique face. Her face is indeed very attractive, and many people love her just the way she is

But, just like any other person who’s working in the entertainment industry, she also couldn’t run away from the common question from netizens of whether she had any plastic surgery or not. When plastic surgery is common in South Korea and with a high beauty standard in the industry, it is no surprise that many people have surgery to look better than before.

Plastic surgery in South Korea is like no other in another country. It was proven by statistics that South Korea has the highest rate of plastic surgeries per capita in the world. Nowadays, South Korea is often called the world’s plastic surgery capital. It is said that around one in three South Korean women between 19 and 29 have had plastic surgery. The pressure to always look beautiful is even greater if you are in the entertainment industry where you have to always look your best 24/7.

So, what about Kang Hye-jung? Did she have any surgeries done, or she is a natural beauty? First, let’s see her old photos:

Okay, now let’s take a look at how she is now in these photos:

So, judging from all these photos, many people thought that she has indeed gotten some surgery done, though it is not that much. People said that she got her teeth, jawline, and maybe her nose as well. But even though she got all of them fixed, there are also people who think that she was way more beautiful than she is now and thought that it’s a shame that she underwent surgery since she didn’t actually need it. But, it was only based on assumptions since Kang Hye-jung herself only said that she fixed her teeth, but it wasn’t plastic surgery.

On one of the episodes of Golden Fishery in 2009, she told a story about her changed face. “I had to go into filming with retainers on so my accent was very audible. People kept saying ‘I’ll let you be in the film if you take your retainers off’. Therefore, I kept going into filming without retainers on, and it ended up making my gums wider and more visible.”

She also answered a question about whether she went under the knife or not. “I asked whether I could fix it, and they said I had to extract a tooth. It’s not plastic surgery because it didn’t involve any painful cutting of the bone.” But, it indeed made her face look different, and she admitted that she went through a lot of pain. “I cried a lot. I was very upset. I only went to fix it, but it seemed like people don’t understand. It was a very difficult period for me. When I was swollen, I had a baby face, but when the swelling died down, I couldn’t even recognize myself in the mirror.”

Then, what do you guys think? Do you think she got any procedures done, or just like she said, she only fixed her teeth?