Get To Know Korean Entertainer and Westler Kang Ho-dong

Kang Ho-dong’s Controversy


On September 9th, 2011, Kang Ho-dong held a press conference announcing his retirement from the entertainment industry due to his tax evasion controversy and demand for an investigation by the National Tax Service.

The National MC Kang Ho-dong was investigated for tax evasion. He was initially laid with a fine due to a discrepancy in his numbers, but it seems that there were no formal charges or processes made against the multi-entertainer. On December 17th, the Seoul District Prosecutor Office announced, “In the case of the fine being less than $500,000 USD (per year), the National Tax Service must file a charge of tax evasion in order for the subject to be a suspect of tax evasion. However, there has been no such charge up until now, so we have decided to drop the case as of the 16th.” Kang Ho-dong’s fine amounts to $700,000 USD for a combined three years, significantly less than the required $500,000 USD per year. The National Tax Service added, “Kang Ho-dong’s annual fine is less than the required $500,000 USD. Furthermore, he did not commit acts of intentional evasion. It is merely a mistake made on behalf of his accountant, so we will not be charging him with tax evasion.”

Korean Artist Impression About Kang Ho-dong

Bigbang’s Taeyang


This Big Bang member admitted that he used to be afraid every time he met Kang Ho-dong. Taeyang seems to be confused with the image of Kang Ho-dong who values time and discipline.

“A long time ago, I was very scared every time I met him (Kang Ho-dong). In Strong Heart, he was very respectful and disciplined towards anyone,” said Taeyang. “Before the event starts, he will sit in the waiting room and come to say hello. He told me ‘okay, show me something today.’ I actually want to be who I am, but I’m too scared,” Taeyang said, laughing.

Taeyang then hurriedly replied, “I thought I couldn’t do this in the past.” Hearing that, all the viewers and guest stars in the studio laughed loudly.

Red Velvet’s Wendy

When Red Velvet was a guest star in Knowing Bros in 2016, Wendy told Kang Ho-dong, “I just want you to know that you really look like a good person.”

Kang Ho-dong then surprised viewers by shedding tears at Wendy’s comment. Kang Ho-dong explained, “That’s because this is the first time I have heard praise.”

DinDin then joked, “Are you crying because of dongsaeng (the name for the younger one) praising you?” Kang Ho-dong replied, “I’ve been in this industry for more than 10 years and this is the first time I’ve heard praise.”