10 Photos of Kang Ha-neul Showing Off His Abs

Kang Ha Neul

Be Ready to Be Amazed, Showcasing Kang Ha-neul’s Abs!

Who doesn’t know the handsome actor Kang Ha-neul? In his latest film Midnight Runners, Kang Ha-neul once again stunned his fans with the accompaniment of the charming actor Park Seo-joon.

In the film, Seo-joon and Ha-neul are 20-year-old youths at the Korean police academy. They fight together to be able to graduate and become police officers. These two people are also close friends.

The production team for Midnight Runners released photos of the handsome actors, some of them showing the coolness of Kang Ha-neul’s posture. Aside from his attractive posture, the real eye-catcher was his magnificent abs.

Recent photos show the efforts of Kang Ha-neul who is serious about physical training. The photos also show Kang Ha-neul’s body which has several bruises and scars.

Kang Ha-neul, who doesn’t wear a shirt, is also serious about doing sit-ups.

Here is Kang Ha-neul taking a break after training.

And, other photos of Kang Ha-neul’s abs!