Plastic Surgery or Not? Comparison Shots of Kang Ha-neul’s Nose, Lips and Face


Who Is Kang Ha-neul?

Kang Ha-neul, whose birth name is Kim Ha-neul and who was born in Busan on February 21, 1990, is a South Korean actor. He began his career in musical theater and played in titles such as Thrill Me (2010), Prince Puzzle (2011), Black Mary Poppins (2012), and Assassins (2012). He also appeared in television shows and films including Korean dramas To the Beautiful You (2012), Monstar (2013), and The Inheritors (2013).

Did Kang Ha-neul Have Plastic Surgery?

There is no news or evidence that Kang Ha-neul received any plastic surgery. However, we found that Kang Ha-neul looks drastically different because of his weight loss. Weight loss or weight gain always has an impact not only on the body but also on the face.

Kang Ha-neul was ranked 7th in the list of “Stars That Are Hot Through Diet”. Apparently, Kang Ha-neul did not eat after 6 pm to help keep his weight. That’s because he was overweight as a child and is very sensitive about 1-2 kilos of body weight. He even experienced social phobia because of his obesity. He claims he was almost ‘rolling around.’ He explained that he weighed more than 200 pounds at one point, and to lose weight, he went on various diets including very strict ones that involved negative calorie foods.

The reason he decided to lose a lot of weight was that he was bullied at school. He opened his lunch box one day during lunch and found a note saying, “I will eat it for you because you will gain weight.” He was shocked and lost 30 kilograms. He only ate tomatoes and cucumbers and even started Muay Thai.

Kang Ha Neul clearly looks amazing today, but the whole theory of negative calorie diets isn’t proven to work the best. Honestly, maybe any diet that limits certain foods and requires that you eat only fruits and vegetables will cause weight loss, but that does not mean it’s safe.

Here is the comparison between Kang Ha-neul’s childhood photo and him after his diet:


His nose seems flattered in the past, but this is probably because he was quite overweight. He also had chubbier cheeks, but because of his diet, they are no longer chubby.