All About Kang Ha-neul: Girlfriend, Ideal Type and Dating Rumors

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Who Is Kang Ha-neul’s Ideal Type?

Having an ideal type is natural, even for Kang Ha-neul who opened up during his interview with news media outlet Osen in 2015. At that time, Kang Ha-neul said that he has a deep infatuation toward actress Jung Yoo-mi, “I only saw her once at a press conference for the movie she starred in titled Manhole. My hands were shaking the moment I shook her hand. It was not romantic feelings, but the thought of meeting a senior actor that I respect.”

Regarding his ideal type, Kang Ha-neul explained in detail, “I like professional women. I like someone that has a specialized job and works her hardest in what she does. I hope she can be someone that I can communicate with freely.”

Well, we hope Kang Ha-neul will find his dream girl in the future!

Kang Ha-neul’s Rumored Girlfriend and Relationship

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Regarding a girlfriend, Kang Ha-neul spoke up about his dating rumor with female rapper Cheetah during his appearance on Life Bar in February 2017. It turned out to be a misunderstanding, “One of my female friends is nicknamed Cheetah. I uploaded a photo that she sent to me on Instagram and that led to dating rumors with the rapper Cheetah. I have never even met her.”

In addition, Kang Ha-neul said during his appearance on the premiere event for Midnight Runners in Singapore that he is currently single and has never dated an actress nor plans to in the future, “I know how difficult acting is. If I met an actress who shared my love of acting, she would see how difficult it is. If not, she would not have any charms as an actor.”

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However, Kang Ha-neul’s statement was later clarified during his guest appearance on MBC’s Radio Star, “What I meant when I said that was I wanted to receive a different sort of inspiration from closely meeting people who do different work from what I do. Therefore, I can get several perspectives which will make me better than before (as a person).”

Are Kang Ha-neul and Kim So-eun Dating?

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Besides Cheetah, Kang Ha-neul was also involved twice in a dating rumor with actress Kim So-eun. They are known to be college mates who happened to act in a movie titled The Girl’s Grave back in 2014. Regarding their dating rumor, Kang Ha-neul said that he and Kim So-eun are very close, “There is no reason to call it a dating rumor. She is a really good friend, though when we took some pictures, people around us questioned whether we had started dating.”

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Despite their intimate relationship, both Kang Ha-neul and Kim So-eun have repetitively said that they are just close friends. Well, what do you think?