Does Kang Ha-neul Have a Girlfriend? Find Out About His Love Life and Ideal Type Here!

Get to Know Better Kang Haneul’s Girlfriend and His Ideal Type

Kang Haneul is indeed one of the actors who has a very handsome and charismatic face. He debuted in the acting industry at age 16 with the musical The Celestial Witch. He is known for always being humble, admitting to not being able to dance well and is rather clumsy.

He was teased in school for being an overweight kid, weighing over 100 kg when he was heaviest. Because of this, he is very proud of his current physique.

Because he managed to change into a very handsome and charismatic person, Kang Haneul is loved and admired by many people, especially women. He has even been rumored of dating several actresses. Now, let’s see whom the actress rumored to be dating Kang Haneul is? Check this out!

What is Kang Haneul’s Ideal Type?

Kang Haneul revealed his ideal type of woman as someone who enjoys and values their work and diligently pursues their career goals. After saying this, he cleared up that he wasn’t currently looking for a relationship, and that he wanted to devote his time to further develop his career in acting before becoming involved in a relationship.

In August 2017, Kang Haneul and director Kim Joo-hwan visited fans in Hong Kong and Singapore for the premier events of their hit film Midnight Runners. When asked about his relationship status, he responded, “I am, unfortunately, currently single. If a woman would wait 2 years after my enlistment or visit me in the military, it would be nice, but there is no one to wait for me.”

When talking about his ideal type, he said, “I like a professional woman. I like a woman who has a professional job and does it best. I wish we could communicate well freely.”

Is It True That Kang Haneul Has Been Dating Cheetah and Kim So-Eun?

In February 2016, Kang Haneul was rumored of dating two female idols at once. According to the rumor, he was simultaneously dating both the rapper Cheetah and the beautiful actress Kim So-Eun. When Kang Haneul heard the rumor, immediately denied having a special relationship with or date any of the two.

Kang Haneul said, “One of my female friends is nicknamed cheetah. I uploaded a photo that she sent me on Instagram which led to the dating rumors with the rapper Cheetah. I’ve never even met her.”

He stated the rumors of him dating rapper Cheetah. “She’s just a good friend. I feel sorry for her for what happened,” he said. “I would have to be an idiot to announce my girlfriend on Instagram for everyone to see. She was in a relationship with someone at the time but broke up because of the rumor. I still can’t contact her because of that,” he admitted. He also added, “I want to express everything I feel openly, but there are things that I am forced to hide. I’m doing everything I can to maintain control over those things.

He also explained, “There’s no reason to call it a dating rumor. I’m very close with Kim So-Eun who filmed the movie Mourning Grave with me. We’re just friends from college. We’re not in a relationship like that.

Kim So-Eun also confirmed that her relationship with Kang Haneul was nothing but friendship. Kim So-Eun stated, “No! I am not dating Kang Haneul. While we were filming The Girl’s Grave, people around us questioned whether we had started dating. Perhaps it’s due to the several photos that captured our friendly relationship. We are just friends.

Are Kang Haneul and IU Dating?

In September 2017, rumors returned to Kang Haneul. He was reported of dating the famous solo artist, IU. The rumor circulated because Kang Haneul spent his vacation time with IU. Kang Haneul’s agency immediately released a clarification regarding the rumor.

A representative of Kang Haneul said, “It is true he met IU. However, they are not dating. After working together in a drama, they became good friends.” “IU and I are just friends,” said Kang Haneul, “We are both aware of the dating rumors, if there are photos where it’s just the two of us, I would like to see them as well.”

Before this statement, it was reported that Kang Haneul and IU were spotted at a café together on September 10th, just one day before his enlistment. One news outlet had claimed that they were wearing coordinated outfits, and reported about how he was spending his last day as a civilian with the singer.

One of the workers from the café spoke up, “Kang Haneul and IU came to the cafe together with other people or friends, but they were there for 2 hours while drinking then left.”

Kang Haneul’s status is currently single, and he revealed it himself. “I don’t have a girlfriend now, but when I do, I don’t think it’s such a big deal for the public to know the relationship. I don’t see the need to lie about seeing someone I like.

He also revealed that he did not want to date a celebrity. Kang Haneul said in an interview that he does not like to be in a relationship with an actress because he knows how stressful acting is. Moreover, in early 2015, he said, “I just know the theory of love, but I haven’t had a girlfriend for more than a year.”