The Full Story of Kang Gary’s Marriage to a Non-Celebrity

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Learn More About Kang Gary’s Wife

Gary is known to have gotten married on April 2017. The public was astonished and curious at that time as it happened suddenly, and Gary’s wife was unknown. Even Gary’s Leessang partner Gil had no idea about it. The members of Running Man also didn’t know. The members said that Gary changed his number, and they couldn’t keep up with him.

His marriage in April 2017 seemed to happen very sudden after he suddenly decided to leave Running Man. He also surprised the public with the birth of Gary Junior on November 2017. He uploaded a picture of his baby foot.

Since his marriage, Gary has stopped all his broadcast activities and deleted all his posts on his Instagram. But, not long after that, he started to be active again on his Instagram as he shared some photos of him in Hawaii and some photos of his baby. Unfortunately, it seems like he deactivated his account as it no longer exists.

After making the public curious about Gary’s wife’s identity, it was revealed that Gary’s wife is a staff member at Leessang Company, a hip-hop label founded by Gary and Gil, collectively known as Leessang. The woman is only known to the media as Miss Kim. It is reported that Miss Kim has been working in Leessang Company for five years. She was born in 1988 so she is 10 years younger than Gary. She and Gary were keeping their relationship under wrap so the staff members had no clue that they were dating.

On January 18, 2018, Sports Chosun revealed the exclusive interview they recently had with Gary after he left Running Man and the entertainment world. One of the questions is “Can you briefly introduce your wife?”

He answered that, actually, he wants to introduce his wife, but, unfortunately, his wife and family have been hurt greatly due to rumors and malicious comments. He actually doesn’t care about those malicious comments about him, but when it comes to his wife, he couldn’t go to bed because it kept coming back to his mind at night. They did not have a lavish wedding. They were just living happily while taking care of their baby just like any other couple.

So, we can finally conclude the reason why Kang Gary is keeping his personal life private after marriage to live peacefully without getting disturbed by anyone’s comments. Kang Gary activity now is 70% baby caring and 30% producing music. Let’s just support him and his family with whatever they’re doing now. Hope you have a delightful life with your family, Gary!