Kang Gary Finally Revealed His Non-celebrity Wife and Son!


Who is Kang Gary?

Kang Hee-gun, better known by his stage name, Gary, is a South Korean rapper, entertainer, musician, and member of the hip-hop duo Leessang. In addition to these impressive accomplishments, Gary is also a record producer, entrepreneur, and television personality. A notable part of Gary’s television career is being a former cast member of the South Korean variety program Running Man.

Since their formation in 2002, the hip-hop duo Leessang has produced eight albums and has had several hits under their belt. Gary made his debut as a solo artist with the mini-album Mr.Gae in 2014. As a solo performer, Gary was also successful; his songs topped several charts even while all major TV broadcast stations were banning his album due to its 19+ adult content. Gary and his longtime collaborator Jung-in later went on to form the duo Jung In & Gary. The two later released the singles “Your Scent” and “Bicycle.”

Besides his own work as a musician, Gary has been featured in works by famous artists such as Psy, Baek Ji-young, Lee Hyori, Dynamic Duo, and MC Mong.

Kang Gary’s marriage with a non-celebrity; who is his wife?


Gary left his role in Running Man and left the spotlight entirely with his sudden departure in 2017. His sudden “disappearance” from the entertainment industry stunned his castmates and even his close friends. Shortly afterward, in April 2017, Gary’s decision to leave a successful career was somewhat explained when it was revealed that he had married his longtime friend, a woman known only as Miss Kim. Gary suddenly left the world of being an entertainment star, deciding instead to live peacefully with his new wife and family, without being disturbed by rumors and derogatory comments in the media and on the internet.

Since his wife is a non-celebrity woman, there is not much information about her past life and career life. We know that she was working at the same company as Kang Gary, Leessang Company. She is 10 years younger than Gary, born in 1988, she and Gary kept their romance under wraps, and the other staff members are said to have had no clue that the pair was dating. Other than that, her life and profile remain unknown until now. It feels like she does not want or like to be known or famous.

She recently opened a social media account; if you want to know more about Kang Gary’s wife’s life, you can look into her social media on Instagram. She often posts about her personal life. Still, mostly about her son and husband, her username is hi__seeya.

Gary’s wife finally revealed


The news did eventually spread about Gary’s decision, a few months after his wedding. Many fans were interested in knowing all they could think about his new wife, the mysterious Miss Kim. As it turns out, Gary did not have to look too far to find the love of his life; Miss Kim was a long-time staff member and associate at the Leessang Company, an organization owned and operated both by Gary and his fellow rapper in Leessang, Gil.

From what the media and Gary’s fans have learned, it turns out that Miss Kim had worked for Leessang for over five years. Apparently, she was born in 1988, making her 10 years younger than Gary himself, born in 1978. Gary and Miss Kim kept their affections for one another and their relationship quiet. Private for some time before they eventually got married, even key staff members of Leessang were shocked and pleasantly surprised when the news of their wedding finally came out.

Kang Garry’s Wedding Celebration

On April 5th, 2017, Gary revealed on his social media about his marriage. “I got married to the person I love today. There was no wedding, but the two of us became a married couple through our own expression. My wife is a non-celebrity woman who shook my soul in a moment. Though there may be those of you who are shocked by the marriage news, I hope you bless our new future with a happy heart. I’ll live well and happily for the rest of my life. Posted by Gary.”

Regarding his marriage, which took place in April 2017, the man with the real name Kang Hee-gun said that he and his wife both decided not to hold a wedding ceremony. “In the past, I used to say this to the Running Man members, but I never wanted to hold a wedding party,” said Gary.

He explained that, in principle, marriage is what unites two people who love each other. So, he doesn’t like talking about the party’s location, gifts, or wedding photos. According to Gary, his wife agreed.

Let’s see Kang Gary’s son


Kang Gary’s many fans were happily surprised and delighted with the announcement of his son’s birth in November 2017. Gary uploaded a photo of his son’s foot to his Instagram account to announce the news to his fans and the world. Gary is still using his Instagram account, and he often shares photos of his junior, like some of the pictures below.


On June 9th, 2018, Gary uploaded his seven-month-old son’s photo on his personal Instagram account. In the photo, Gary sits lovingly alongside his son, and they have their heads turned sideways in the same direction; something or someone surely has their joint attention!


On July 11th, 2018, Gary shared the photo above, which shows him and his son having fun in a pool; although the photo is not captioned, it seems like the former Leessang member has been kept very busy being a new father. Unfortunately for Gary’s fans, his Instagram has been deactivated due to Gary and his family’s privacy issues.

In 2020, Kang Gary introduced his son to a wider public through a national television program titled The Return of Superman. It revealed that his son’s name is Kang Ha-oh. Hao’s appearance certainly attracted attention, especially since it was the first time his face was revealed. Besides, Hao is apparently a smart and cheerful child.

Being over two years old, Hao already understands a lot of vocabulary. In one of his early episodes in the program, he shocked the audience with his intelligence. He already speaks well at such a young age and knows lots of vocabulary that not every child knows. Later, he kept shocking the audience with his memory. In one episode, he is told to remember many pictures and their names, which turns out he remembers all of them. Even his father, Kang Gary, was surprised with the result. It became a hot topic of how smart Hao is.

Kang Gary’s latest news


As Kang Gary has stated publicly that he wants to live happily and peacefully with his little family. Very little news has been revealed since his fans found out about Kang Gary’s wedding to Miss Kim and their son’s eventual birth. With a new wife and caring for his young son taking priority in his life, Kang Gary likely can only devote about 30% of his time to making, recording, and producing music. Hopefully, Kang Gary’s many devoted fans will hear from this talented artist again soon. In the meantime, his fans should support his decision and pray for the well being of both himself and his family and loved ones.

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