Breaking News! Kang Daniel and TWICE’s Jihyo Confirmed to be Dating!

Daniel Jihyo

Let’s Meet Another Couple Of The Year!

They are Kang Daniel and TWICE’s Jihyo! Recently, K-Pop fans have been surprised by the news about this two K-Pop stars dating, because no one would have thought that Kang Daniel and TWICE’s Jihyo could have a special relationship and it turns out they have been dating for a long time and they managed to cover it up until Dispatch released the news.

In this article, we will reveal the details about their dating news, and if you are curious you have to stay tuned!

Kang Daniel and TWICE’s Jihyo Confirmed to be Dating!


On August 4th, Dispatch reported that TWICE‘s leader, Jihyo, and solo artist Kang Daniel reportedly began dating at the beginning of this year. Dispatch also published photos of Kang Daniel and TWICE’s Jihyo on an alleged date in Hannam-dong where Kang Daniel resides.

The two reportedly met last year through a mutual senior from the industry that they were both close with. As translated by Soompi, the source said, “A sunbae close to Kang Daniel and Jihyo introduced them.”


Responding to the news report, TWICE’s agency JYP Entertainment confirmed,

“Ji-hyo and Kang Daniel are currently meeting with good feelings for each other.”

Kang Daniel’s agency, KONNECT Entertainment also subsequently affirmed the news and apologized for belatedly confirming the report:

“Hello, this is KONNECT Entertainment. First, we would like to apologize for our official position being late, due to us confirming the truth. We can confirm Kang Daniel and Ji-hyo are currently meeting with good feelings. Please watch over them well.”

According to Koreaboo, many fans felt blindsided by the news, and Kang Daniel addressed this on his official fan cafe. He apologized for not being “able to tell [the fans] before” the news went public. He also wanted to set the record straight; his fans were the ones who truly helped him overcome his adversity.

For the most part, international fans have been incredibly supportive of the new couple. They have tweeted out congratulatory messages and are wishing Kang Daniel and Jihyo all the best but unfortunately, not everybody can accept and be happy for them after hearing the news.

On the other hand, the response from Korean netizens has been overwhelmingly negative. Some of these fans feel that Kang Daniel shouldn’t be dating so soon after his debut and that he has “crushed the fantasy” idols sell to fans.


Their Interaction Before The News Broke Out

On August 15th, photos of the couple at the 2019 33rd Golden Disc Awards made their way around online community sites, and some fans are saying they knew something was going on behind the scenes.

As you can see below, Jihyo is sitting behind Kang Daniel. She seems to be interested in what the idol star is looking at, while Daniel is playing with the mirror making use of it to see Jihyo sitting at the back.


JYP Entertainment Confirms Man In Jihyo’s IG Post To Be TWICE’s Manager


Following news of TWICE’s Jihyo and Kang Daniel being in a relationship, JYP Entertainment clarified a misunderstanding about a photo recently posted by Jihyo.

In July, Jihyo posted a set of photos with the caption, “I haven’t taken a lot of photos recently… I haven’t posted much on Instagram these days, so I worked hard to go through my photo gallery.”

One of the photos shows TWICE members along with staff members sitting at a table. Some netizens pointed out that the man sitting at the end of the table resembles Kang Daniel.

However, fans clarified that the man is a manager of TWICE who has been frequently photographed with the members. Fans also found that the manager is often seen wearing the hat in the photo.

JYP Entertainment also confirmed through a statement, “The man in the photo is a manager of the agency.”

Dispatch Delayed Kang Daniel and Jihyo’s Dating News In Consideration of His Solo Debut


According to South Korean news agency Segye, Dispatch actually delayed the release of the dating news regarding former Wanna One member Kang Daniel and Jihyo for two weeks.

Segye’s reports stated that Dispatch confirmed to Section TV that they delayed the news out of consideration for Kang Daniel’s solo album release Color On Me.

“Dispatch stated that in consideration of Kang Daniel’s solo debut album release, it is true that they delayed releasing the news to Section TV,” as translated by Kpopmap.

In addition, Dispatch also was planning on releasing the news on August 1st, but delayed again since Kang Daniel had a fan meeting that day.

Kang Daniel’s Letter For His Fans Following His Dating News


Kang Daniel wrote an apology letter to his fans after the release of the dating news with TWICE’s JiHyo, and here’s what Kang Daniel wrote to his fans:

Hello, it’s Kang Daniel. I’d like to begin by apologizing to everyone who may have been startled by the sudden news released today. I’m guessing it may have been on your minds, and I worry that my response may be too late.

I apologize that I wasn’t able to tell everyone myself before and this platform that’s used for the purposes of sharing stories between you and I must include another story.

A lot has happened during my journey to where I stand now. There were moments when I was drained, but I want to emphasize that it was my fans who were the ones who enabled me to stay strong as they held me upright.

During my hiatus, I went through dealing with toxic rumors and was hurt. But I was able to stand up and press on because of the support of my fans, who patiently waited for me despite possibly feeling frustrations. Thank you for all the photos, messages, and love you have shown me in fan cafes and the subway stations.

Every moment when I visited the stations and the cafes, I was able to experience your love, and it was because of this that I was able to prepare for my album and achieve a surprising record. I never expected to have received such a tremendous amount of love and comfort time after time.

My goal and desire is to give back with the best of my abilities to all my fans as they have given me so much. I will continue to show everyone the best side of me, the singer Kang Daniel. I have received abundantly from my fans and I am ever grateful for it. I will work hard to give back even more. I will always become better Kang Daniel tomorrow than I was today. I thank everyone for staying by my side.

Rumor of Kang Daniel Moving Out of His Home in UN Village


On August 11th, Sports Chosun reported that a resident from the neighborhood shared, “Kang Daniel was moving out today in the morning.” The news outlet further wrote that the move was most likely due to the pressure from the news of his relationship with TWICE’s Jihyo.

However, a source from Kang Daniel’s agency KONNECT Entertainment stated to Star News, “It is not true that Kang Daniel moved from UN Village (to another place) as reported today. Details regarding this pertain to his personal life and cannot be revealed.” They also stated to OSEN, “He is currently living (in UN Village).”

TWICE’s Jihyo’s First Public Appearance After Her Dating News Was Released


Jihyo attended the Estee Lauder Global launch event at the Shilla Hotel with fellow TWICE members Tzuyu and Nayeon, all three stunned reporters and fans alike with their beauty. This was her first appearance in public after the news of her relationship with Kang Daniel was revealed to the public. She was beautiful as always.


Yay! Congratulations to the new K-Pop “power couple” Kang Daniel and TWICE’s Jihyo!