Profile and Facts of ‘ Produce 101’ Season 2 First Ranked Kang Daniel

Kang Daniel, the Sensational Winner of Produce 101 Season 2

Officially starting his career as the center of the boy group Wanna One, Kang Daniel is called a Celebrity of Celebrities as his existence created a long-spanned syndrome in South Korea. His fans are not only the typical teens but also adults and elders as well as celebrities who work in the same entertainment industry as him. It is no wonder then that besides his achievement with Wanna One, Kang Daniel also has won several individual awards such as Best Rising Star on Entertainment Reporters’ Choice, Male Idol of the Year on CJ E&M America Awards, Best Male Rookie in Variety on SBS Entertainment Awards, and Best Male CF Model (Grand Prize Category) on Brand of the Year.

In this article, Channel-Korea will explain all about Kang Daniel including his personal profile, facts, participation in Produce 101 Season 2, his influence and brand reputation, career activities, pets, dating rumor, abs, dance compilation, and fashion. So, stay tuned!

Kang Daniel’s Full Profile

Stage Name: Daniel

Birth Name: Kang Eui Geon

Legal Name: Kang Daniel

Nicknames: God Daniel, Kang Choding, Nyel/Niel, Nation’s Center, Nation’s Puppy, Samonyel/Samoyed, Puppy, Gaejookie, Kang Center, Kang Daddy, Kang Gogi, Kang Dandelion, Kang Sold-Out, Apeach, Baby Monkey, Harry Pote, Danik

Birth: Busan, South Korea, December 10, 1996

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Chinese Astrology: Rat

Nationality: South Korean

Religion: Christian

Blood Type: A

Education: Peniel High School of the Arts with a major in modern dance, Nataraja Academy for street dancing and choreography, and Kyunghee Cyber University with a major in applied music

Fanclub Name: Peaches

Kang Daniel’s Age, Height, and Weight

As explained in his personal profile earlier, Kang Daniel was born in 1996. According to the Korean Age System, in 2019, Kang Daniel is 24 years old, and according to the International Age System, Kang Daniel is 23 years old. Additionally, he is considered a tall and big man as his height is 180 cm and his weight is 67 kg.

Facts About Kang Daniel’s That You Have to Know
  • Kang Daniel was a trainee of MMO Entertainment along with Jisung. Both of them used to be backup dancers.
  • He had almost given up on his dream due to his agency’s lack of facilities. He was forced to learn singing and dancing elsewhere because the company could not afford the courses. At the time, Daniel thought that he would never get a chance to debut and planned to move to Canada where his aunt lives. However, just before that, a sudden opportunity to appear on Mnet’s Produce 101 Season 2 came by, and he decided to give it one last try.
  • He eventually left high school to become a singer. He took the high school qualification exam when he participated on Produce 101 Season 2.
  • Kang Daniel was included as a member of Loups Crew. He was known under the name FLAC.
  • He officially changed his name from Euigeon to Daniel while studying in Canada because his friends and family found it difficult to pronounce his birth name. He picked the name based on an inspirational biblical hero.
  • He is able to speak English well due to his brief stay in Canada.
  • Kang Daniel has been B-boying since junior high school and even placed first in a rookie B-boying battle in Busan.
  • Although dancing is currently his passion, he actually started dancing as a medium for self-healing after he was bullied during elementary school due to his looks and his height, saying that he looked like a girl. His teacher suggested that he should dance. Later, Daniel was able to cope with the problem and build his self-esteem.
  • He studied in Canada in the past.
  • Kang Daniel likes skateboarding, dancing, playing video games, reading manga and webtoons, wearing stylish clothes and accessories, cute things, taking walks, and naps.
  • He is a fan of Harry Potter, Marvel superheroes (especially Spiderman), Linkin Park, and ASMR.
  • He said he hates bugs. He always brings an insect swatter even when he shot MBC’s variety show It’s Dangerous Beyond the Blankets.
  • Kang Daniel also dislikes dust, strange smells, and really cold or hot things.
  • He competed in the 2011 Busan City Kids Vol. 2 dance competition along with fellow Wanna One member Park Woojin and BTS’ Jimin. Woojin’s team lost to Jimin’s team in the semifinal, while in the final, Daniel’s team won over Jimin’s team.
  • He shared a room with Jisung and Seongwu in Wanna One’s first dorm. Currently, he is roommates with Seongwu in their new dorm where they moved in February 2018.
  • On Mnet’s Wanna One Go episode 1, Kang Daniel initially wanted to be roommates with Woojin because they would be comfortable speaking in Busan’s dialect. However, Woojin said that he does not use dialect.
  • He is known as a cat butler. He has four female cats named Peter, Rooney, Ori, and Zhang Ah.
  • He speaks in Busan dialect when he feels nervous. He tried to fix his dialect because he does not want to be teased by his Seoul friends. Sometimes, his friends ask if he is angry at them because of his accent.
  • Kang Daniel’s favorite painters are Salvador Dalí and Jean Francois Millet.
  • On KBS2’s Happy Together, he said that his role models are Seventeen because of their teamwork, BTS because they are powerful, and EXO because they are cool. He also picked Gugudan’s Kim Sejeong as his role model on Let’s Eat Dinner Together.
  • Solo singer Samuel Kim said on KBS2’s Happy Together that in their dormitory during Produce 101 Season 2, Kang Daniel snored the loudest.
  • According to Jisung, Daniel often talks to himself and rattles his teeth when he sleeps.
  • He really likes to eat. He dubbed himself a herbivore. One time, he went alone to a restaurant recommended by an acquaintance in Gangnam. He booked the table under his friend’s name and ordered a course (a combo meal for a group of people) and ate it by himself.
  • His favorite food is medium rare steak, pasta, fried chicken, fried eggs, cold noodles, sweet jellies (Haribo), and popcorn. He ate bags of sweet jellies and got a toothache, and his dentist suggested he should reduce his sweet jellies consumption.
  • Kang Daniel once went out with staff when he was craving some samgyeopsal (grilled pork). He saw lots of his advertisements on the way to the restaurant. His Hite poster in front of a restaurant caught his attention so he went inside and found out that his Hite poster was inside the restaurant as well. He took off his mask and hoped somebody would recognize him. A lady came out and took his order while nodding to him. He planned to give his signature and prepared something for her when it was time to pay the bill, but then the lady mistook him as Daniel Henney which was a former Hite model. Daniel thought that he had to work harder.
  • Kang Daniel did not eat his meals intentionally and stayed hungry to film the sad scene in Davichi’s “Days Without You” music video. He kept going to the toilet to check his facial expression and was so worried that he could not even sleep.
  • He likes to laugh even though sometimes the situation is not funny. His face was even spotted on jTBC’s Tribe of Hip-hop in 2016 as the only person in the audience laughing. He also often talks to himself.
  • He stated that he would protect his pregnant wife and will not allow her to go out unless for necessary things.
  • Kang Daniel’s favorite comics and animations are One-Punch Man, Bleach, Naruto, One Piece, Detective Conan, Akira, and Studio Ghibli movies.
  • He is a good friend of B.A.P’s Daehyun. It turned out that both of them went to the same dance academy in Busan.
  • He is allergic to shellfish (shrimp, lobster, etc). He can only eat squid.
  • His dream is to open a sushi restaurant in Hong Kong.
  • Kang Daniel’s habit is to smell things. He developed the habit after his family was forced to live in a basement for a week due to his family’s financial crisis. He revealed that the bathroom was placed right next to the room so he smelled mold and sewer while eating. He became sensitive to smells and was traumatized from the event.
  • He plays several video games including League of Legends, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon, and The Witcher.
  • His favorite beverages are wine, a mixture of beer and soju (5:5 mix ratio), and Americano.
  • Kang Daniel usually drinks alone, but recently, he drinks with his friends. He also has the best drinking capacity among Wanna One’s members.
  • He said that he is not a romantic person.
  • Many netizens said that he looks like a mix between BTOB’s Sungjae and BTS’s Suga when he smiles. He also looks similar to GOT7’s JB according to some people.
  • In his spare time, he likes looking for clothes.
  • On MBC’s It’s Dangerous Beyond the Blankets, Kang Daniel revealed that he has narcolepsy, an illness which makes him sleep in unexpected occurrences such as during a shower or at the table while eating a meal with food in his mouth.
  • He said that he prefers older women whom he can learn from.
  • He mentioned that he would like to play a bossy CEO or a lawyer if he was given the opportunity to act in the future.
  • Daniel will call his future girlfriend the nickname Kkomaengie (little kid).
  • He used to have a personal Instagram account @realdefdanik. When he unlocked his account for the first time, AOA’s leader Shin Jimin instantly followed him. Unfortunately, Daniel has deactivated his Instagram account.
  • According to his fans, he has an uncanny resemblance to Baby Apeach, an emoticon in Kakao Talk. Therefore, his fan club is named Peaches.
  • Kang Daniel hates mistakes. He thinks that he is the type of person who can do anything.
  • His future resolution is to do whatever he wants and keep being the same person.
  • He received the nickname Kang Gogi from his friends because when he stays in his hometown, he really likes to eat meat.
  • During Wanna One’s debut press conference, Kang Daniel was caught playing with a fly on his finger when he did Wanna One’s pose.
  • He is a fanboy of TWICE. He really likes to do the jjirit jjirit pose from “Signal.” He even did it during the photo shoot for the skincare brand Innisfree.
  • He stated that it felt like a dream when Wanna One debuted in Gocheok Sky Dome as it was his dream to perform as a singer in the huge venue.
  • Kang Daniel put his hat for auction and achieved a bid for $1,730. The outcome was later donated to a charity.
  • He was appointed as the special ambassador of the cultural exhibition for Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in 2018.
  • He had a mysterious experience during his stay in a hotel in the U.S.A. At that time, Wanna One was on tour. Daniel was so tired that he washed up and went straight to bed. Suddenly, room service arrived, and the food was on the floor in the hallway. He thought his manager ordered it for him, but it turned out that no one did.
  • Everyone thought that Kang Daniel had a girlfriend when a photo of him and his fellow Wanna One member Ha Sungwoon from behind was uploaded on Internet forums. He sulked that the accusation was unfair because he did not really have a girlfriend.
  • He wants to donate to single mother families. Actor Jung Woo-sung and Daniel were chosen as the last two ambassadors of Letters from Angels, a campaign aiming to increase awareness and spread the importance of adoption.
  • He said that he received a lot of attention during Produce 101 Season 2. He gained many new experiences and encountered many difficulties which made him grow as a celebrity. However, he felt something lacking and blamed himself for not being able to do certain things ever since Wanna One’s second album Nothing Without You.

Kang Daniel on Produce 101

As explained briefly in his facts section, Kang Daniel originally wanted to quit the trainee life and move to Canada to live with his aunt due to his struggle in Seoul. Fortunately, fellow Wanna One member and MMO Entertainment trainee Yoon Jisung suggested to him and other trainees of the agency to join Mnet’s Produce 101 Season 2. During the first evaluation, the MMO boys were known as the Gossip Squad due to their loud comments, whereas Daniel gained some attention for his candy-like pink hair and bright image which resembles Baby Apeach, a fictional character from the chatting app KakaoTalk.

Despite his newly-gained recognition, Kang Daniel’s rank stayed at #23 during the early episodes. On the third and fourth episode of the show, Daniel joined forces with Pledis’s Kim Jonghyun and Hwang Minhyun, Fantagio’s Ong Seongwu, YG K+’s Kwon Hyunbin, and an individual trainee in Sorry Sorry Team 2, later called Justice League by fans due to their combined talent and gorgeous visuals.

Daniel’s focus videos went viral and made him rank #5 during the first elimination. Notably, Daniel also gained more fans because of his contrasting charms as he has both a babyish face and manly body.

Just after his soared popularity, Kang Daniel was accused of cheating. It started when a fan wrote in the DC Inside Daniel gallery asking the finalist to increase the number of cats on his Instagram profile message to the song number he wants. It must be noted that in the second season of Produce 101, the viewers were being asked to create their own teams for the concept round. Later, Daniel changed the number of cats on his Instagram profile to 4, which indirectly refers to the #4 song on the list “Never.” Though it could not be proven whether he actually saw the post and changed the cats to match, many netizens believe that the events were too much of a coincidence.

After the arisen controversy, Kang Daniel changed his emoticon again and wrote “I will think more on my actions from now on. I am sorry” on his profile message. He later deactivated his Instagram account and was appointed to the “Open Up” team along with Brand New Music’s Im Youngmin, Pledis’s Kang Dongho, Star Road’s Takada Kenta, Cube’s Yoo Seonho, Choon’s Kim Yongguk, and Cre.Ker’s Joo Haknyeon.

Despite the sudden placement on a team that he may not have wished for, Kang Daniel surprisingly did really well during “Open Up,” majorly because of the iconic thigh dance that he did for his solo part. The buzz-worthy performance that he considered his legendary stage made his rank skyrocket to the first place in the tenth episode of the show. Daniel maintained his position at the top in the final episode with a total of 1,578,837 votes and debuted in the final line-up of Wanna One as the center.

After the end of the show, Kang Daniel revealed several trivia that he experienced. He stated that he did a dance break and sang “Sometimes” by Crush for his individual evaluation, though the video ended up unaired. He was also briefly let down by his low votes for his “Sorry Sorry” performance, even thinking that he might quit the show. Although finishing with a brilliant ranking, Daniel surprisingly never became the center for his evaluation performances, even in the very last episode where he created choreography for “Hands on Me.” Many netizens praised him for being selfless when it came to performing on the stage. What a well-deserved outcome!