Profile and Facts of ‘ Produce 101’ Season 2 First Ranked Kang Daniel

Kang Daniel’s Body and Abs

Hailed as God Daniel for his fantastic body and excellent proportions, Kang Daniel is known for having broad shoulders with a width of 60 cm (23 inches). Daniel is even included in the list of “Men with the Best Shoulders 2017” by Women Sense magazine along with Park Seo-joon, Choi Jin-hyuk, Woo Do-hwan, and Kim Young-kwang.

It turned out that Daniel developed his broad shoulders by doing 100 push-ups every day after his mother told him to. In addition to his shoulders, Daniel also has long limbs as the length of his legs is 107 cm.

In May 2018, Kang Daniel exposed his abs while swimming with NCT’s Mark on MBC’s It’s Dangerous Beyond the Blanket. Viewers were able to see how toned Daniel’s figure is as well as his magnificent abs. This is not the first time Daniel revealed his abs as he previously did many times during Wanna One’s stage performance for “Burn It Up” as you can see below.

Kang Daniel’s Dance Compilation

Along with Park Woojin, Kang Daniel is the main dancer for Wanna One. Before he became a trainee, Daniel joined Loups Crew as one of its members and used FLAC as his stage name. He usually did B-boy dancing as it is his specialty. Now, Daniel’s dancing skill is not limited to B-boy but includes other dancing styles such as slow-mo, contemporary, and many more. Here, you may watch the compilation of Kang Daniel’s dances throughout the years!

Kang Daniel’s Hairstyles

As we already know, Kang Daniel is originally famous for his bright pink hair during Produce 101 Season 2. Instead of shaping it stylishly, Daniel’s hair looks like a soft apple which made everyone who looks at him feels warm due to his sweet charm.

Kang Daniel looks charismatic in one of his stage performances with his brown hair. His long streaks made his appearance look even more intense, don’t you think?

Kang Daniel embodies an adorable puppy at one of Wanna One’s fan signing events with his highlighted dark brown hair. Despite the long fringes, we can still see Daniel’s puppy-like eyes clearly.

Kang Daniel also briefly dyed his hair to ash brown, receiving lots of attention for the pleasing gradient on his hair. Though on the dry side, we hope Daniel’s hair roots will be healthy for a long time!

Kang Daniel looked superior with black hair when he attended one of Wanna One’s fan signing events. His hair had a decent length, making his face look manlier than ever!

Similar to the previous hairstyle, Kang Daniel’s black hair is styled for a formal occasion as Wanna One turned up at an award show. Reportedly, many fans were going crazy for this hairstyle as Daniel looks exceptionally handsome. His black suit and flawless makeup only enhanced his looks.

Kang Daniel still looks gorgeous even with curly ash brown hair. The curls made Daniel’s face look even more enchanting, don’t you agree?

Kang Daniel experimented with another hair color, this time ash purple. Moreover, Daniel’s fringes are styled quite unique as there is a gap between the right and left fringe, leaving a tiny space of his forehead.

Similar to the hairstyle that he had during Produce 101 Season 2, Kang Daniel’s pale blond hair is styled with an apple-like style. His long fringes almost covered his eyes, yet it does not lessen Daniel’s attractiveness.

Kang Daniel is a macho man with his brown-blond hair slicked back, showing his whole forehead. Many fans think that this hairstyle makes Daniel resemble a lion as he looks fierce on stage.

Finally, Kang Daniel dyed his hair red for Wanna One’s last comeback Spring Breeze. Once again, Daniel’s hair is styled in an Apple-like style, showing both his cute and mesmerizing charm to fans and the public alike.