Profile and Facts of ‘ Produce 101’ Season 2 First Ranked Kang Daniel

Kang Daniel’s Family

Compared to other idols, Kang Daniel does not really talk about his family frequently unless asked to. It is known that Daniel is an only child and that his parents divorced when he was a kid. Before the divorce, Daniel’s family went through financial problems after his father’s business failed. They were forced to live in a basement for a week which caused trauma for Daniel as he became sensitive to smells due to the bad odors in the narrow place. After the divorce, Daniel lived with his mother who survives on her own.

During a V Live broadcast in July 2018, Daniel revealed that despite his close relationship with his mother, there was a moment when he did a mean thing to her. It turned out that little Daniel once got caught skipping academy and going to the PC room when he was in elementary school. He ended up getting mad at his mom instead of regretting his mistakes. Even so, Daniel’s relationship with his mother always fixed quickly after fights.

Following Wanna One’s successful career, Kang Daniel remains a filial son and paid his father’s hospital bill and gifted his mother many expensive things. Daniel and his mother’s shopping time was broadcast on Wanna One Go: Zero Base as Daniel accompanied his mother to buy a Gucci bag.

Aside from pricey items, Kang Daniel also bought his mother a home. Though on a lease, Daniel aims to give his mother a bigger house in 2019. In Happy Together, Daniel revealed that his mother does not explicitly express her feelings.

Even so, Daniel’s mother has a unique way of showing her love towards her son, “My face was everywhere in my mother’s house when I went to visit her in Busan. I thought to myself, ‘Is this what my fans’ rooms look like?’ She also had limited edition merchandise and eight of my golden beer glasses.” The MCs were amazed and said that it is indeed a mother’s love. We hope that Daniel and his mother’s heartwarming relationship lasts for a long time!

Kang Daniel’s Pets

Ever since his pre-debut, Kang Daniel has been known for his affection towards cats. He adopted two female cats named Rooney, the orange tabby cat who is named after soccer player Wayne Rooney, and Peter, the calico cat who is named after Peter Parker from Spiderman. Initially, Daniel thought that they were males, hence the androgynous names.

Originally, Kang Daniel wanted to bring Rooney and Peter to Wanna One’s dorm. Unfortunately, some of the members are allergic to cat fur. During Wanna One Go: Zero Base, the staff brought Rooney and Peter to the base camp so Daniel could spend his free time with them. In 2018, Daniel adopted two more female cats named Ori, the Abyssinian cat he adopted on International Cat Day, and Zhang Ah, the white Angora cat. All four cats are taken care of by Daniel’s mother in their home in Busan.

Aside from his own pets, Kang Daniel also shot a pictorial with a grey cat for ELLE magazine, shown below.

Kang Daniel’s Dating Scandal

In mid-February 2018, Kang Daniel’s name was dragged after Unpretty Rapstar finalist and female rapper Yook Jidam claimed that a Kang Daniel dating role play post talked about her past relationship with Kang Daniel. After reading that the fictional Daniel used the nickname Spring, she accused the writer to be a stalker because Daniel used to call her Spring. The fan then asked whether Yook Jidam had proof to support her claim, to which the star alluded that she and Daniel used to date. Many netizens did not believe Yook Jidam’s claim and think that she was drunk and delusional while writing the post, whereas others said that Daniel might be as crazy as her if he was dating her.

Rapper Kasper who is Yook Jidam’s friend came forward and defended her buddy’s statement, saying that Yook Jidam and Kang Daniel met in 2016 at a party to which she invited Daniel to come since she went to the same academy as him. Later, both Daniel and Yook Jidam began dating and often met on other occasions.

She stated, “One day, Daniel told me that he was doing well with Yook Jidam.” However, their relationship did not last long because he wanted to focus on his career as a K-pop star. She explained, “MMO trainees prepared for Produce 101, and Daniel cut things off with Yook Jidam due to the hectic schedule. He said that this could be his only chance to breakthrough. As far as I know, they ended things cordially.”

After Kang Daniel debuted, he met Yook Jidam several times while working and at the hair salon, but they would only greet each other without communicating on other platforms. Yook Jidam’s father also spoke up about his daughter’s relationship with Kang Daniel, stating “The whole situation is getting messy, but I cannot really explain why she decided to post those things. As far as I know, the relationship between them is what Kasper described it to be.” Regarding the case, Wanna One’s agency at that time, YMC Entertainment, announced that they will be taking legal action against any rumors.