Profile and Facts of ‘ Produce 101’ Season 2 First Ranked Kang Daniel

Kang Daniel’s Influence and Brand Reputation

It cannot be denied that Kang Daniel’s status as the winner of Produce 101 Season 2 has made his career smoother than the path that most idols in South Korea have to go through. Reportedly, Daniel has been chosen as #1 in Brand Reputation Ranking for Individual Boy Group Members for more than a year since his debut in August 2017. The monthly poll is conducted by The Korean Business Research Institute and includes an analysis of media coverage, interaction, and community indexes.

Kang Daniel’s widespread influence in South Korea also can be seen when SBS’s New Late Night E News made a 10-minutes reportage dedicated only to Wanna One’s center. According to the news, ‘Kang Daniel Syndrome’ may be considered a social phenomenon that has struck many people, making them in love with the star. In addition, the reportage includes the interview sessions with Produce 101 Season 2 trainer, media journalists, and professionals who analyzed the current status of his popularity.

Kang Daniel’s figure became the inspiration for comedy skits as well. KBS’s Gag Concert and tvN’s Comedy Big League and Saturday Night Live Korea 9 have mentioned Daniel so often as well as often portraying his personage with his iconic pink hair in their sketches dedicated for him. Daniel’s characterization also appeared on MBC’s Ppogeul Saranghae, a children-oriented cartoon show that included him in two of its episodes. Notably, South Korea’s indie musicians made him their muse in the songs “Shoo” by The Barbarettes and “My Love” by Merry Apple.

Kang Daniel’s name is constantly mentioned as a trending topic on Naver, the most popular search engine in South Korea that reflects the general public’s interest. His name pops up whenever he appears on variety shows and attends public events and was in the top list of Naver’s weekly ranked topics for 33 weeks from June 2017 until February 2018. Moreover, Daniel also entered the weekly top 10 non-drama TV topic list at the #2 place and has been featured in the list 40+ times for various TV shows until July 2018.

Regarding his reputation, Kang Daniel was included as one of the Top 3 People Who Move South Korea in 2017 alongside South Korea’s current president Moon Jae-in on tvN’s Problematic Men. He was also mentioned on the general public’s favorite idol poll held by Gallup Korea which surveyed 1,500 men and women aged 13–29 throughout July until November 2017. Despite his fresh debut, Daniel managed his top rank at #2 for the overall poll and #5 for both male and females aged 13–18 and 19–29. Moreover, business magazine Forbes listed Daniel as one of Forbes 2030 Power Leaders for 2018’s rising industry leaders in 20s and 30s. He was also featured in the magazine Weekly Chosun, a non-entertainment magazine, as its cover and by InStyle which picked Daniel as its first male celebrity in its 14-year history. Way to go, Daniel!

List of Kang Daniel’s TV Shows and Music Video

Recognized as the winner of Mnet’s survival show Produce 101 Season 2, Kang Daniel obviously got the benefit of being invited to lots of variety and reality shows. Not only with fellow Wanna One members, he often guests on his own along with other popular celebrities and hosts which made his connections broader than ever. Besides appearing on television shows, Daniel also received an opportunity to be the model of Davichi’s music video, proving that he also has decent acting skills to boot. Below, you may check the list of Kang Daniel’s television shows and music video!

2017 – Mnet’s Produce 101 Season 2 (Contestant)

2017 – Mnet’s Wanna One Go (Cast Member)

2017 – Mnet’s Wanna One Go: Zero Base (Cast Member)

2017 – SBS’s Running Man (Guest Cast on episodes 374-375)

2017 – SBS’s Master Key (Guest Cast on episodes 1 and 4–10)

2017 – SBS and Mobidic’s Wanna City (Cast Member on episodes 1–4)

2017 – SBS’s One Night of TV Entertainment (Guest Cast on episode 38)

2017 – Channel A’s A Man Who Feeds the Dog (Guest Cast on episode 38)

2017 – MBC’s Oppa Thinking (Guest Cast on episode 16)

2017 – KBS2’s Hello Counselor (Guest Cast on episode 341)

2017 – MBC’s It’s Dangerous Beyond the Blankets (Cast Member on episodes 1–3)

2017 – MBC’s Section TV: Idol Men (Guest Cast on episode 893)

2017 – jTBC’s Immortal Songs Season 2 (Guest Cast on episode 318)

2017 – jTBC’s Let’s Eat Dinner Together (Guest Cast on episode 44)

2017 – tvN’s SNL Korea Season 9 (Guest Cast on episodes 194 part 2 and episode 195 part 2)

2017 – SBS’s One Night of TV Entertainment (Guest Cast on episode 32)

2017 – MBC Every1’s Weekly Idol (Guest Cast on episodes 315–316)

2017 – KBS2’s The Return of Superman (Guest Cast on episodes 194–195)

2017 – KBS2’s Happy Together: Legendary Big Mouth (Guest Cast on episodes 510–512)

2018 – tvN’s Weekend Playlist (Guest Cast on episodes 6–7)

2018 – Music video of Davichi’s “Days Without You”

2018 – Mnet’s Produce 48 (Guest MC and Cast on episodes 1 and 12)

2018 – OSEN and V LIVE’s Wanna One Star Road (Cast Member on episodes 1–24)

2018 – Olleh TV’s Wanna One Travel (Cast Member)

2018 – MBC’s It’s Dangerous Beyond the Blankets (Cast Member on episodes 1–3, 5, 8–10)

2018 – Mnet’s Wanna One Go: X-CON (Cast Member)

2018 – jTBC’s Please Take Care of My Fridge (Guest Cast on episodes 182-183)

2018 – jTBC’s Idol Room (Guest Cast on episode 1)

2018 – KBS2’s Entertainment Weekly: School Attack (Guest Cast on episode 1711)

2018 – MBC’s Section TV (Guest Cast on episodes 912-913)

2018 – KBS2’s Happy Together: Sing My Song (Guest Cast on episodes 528–529 and 538-539)

2018 – MBC’s Radio Star (Guest Cast on episode 565)

2018 – jTBC’s Sugar Man Season 2 (Guest Cast on episode 9)

2018 – MBC’s King of Masked Singer (Guest Cast on episodes 143–144)

2018 – Mnet’s I Can See Your Voice Season 5 (Guest Cast on episode 3)

2018 – MBC’s Outrageous Roommates (Guest Cast on episodes 42–45)

2018 – Olleh TV’s Amigo TV (Guest Cast)

2018 – jTBC’s Knowing Bros (Guest Cast on episodes 122 and 155)

2018 – KBS2’s Happy Together 4 (Guest Cast on episode 570)

List of Kang Daniel’s Advertisements

Kang Daniel’s rising stardom can be felt by the public not only through his appearances on music shows and television shows but also through endorsements for popular brands and products. In September 2017, Daniel became the brand ambassador of Think Nature, a brand of body and hair care with sales surging by 728%. The rapid increase made the brand able to expand its market to other countries such as China, Vietnam, and Taiwan.

Kang Daniel also became the face of The Spring Home which is specialized in plushie-themed home bedding products. The company decided to make Daniel their brand ambassador after their body pillow product sold out after the star was spotted hugging one on Wanna One’s reality show. Reportedly, The Spring Home earned KRW 20 million after their limited edition product Kang Daniel Bear sold out in December 2017.

Similar to The Spring Home, fashion brand LAP Korea also chose Kang Daniel as their brand representative after the idol wore one of their coats. Apparently, the coat immediately sold out and prompted a 7-time inventory restock, making it a hot item in South Korea. The brand also made the Kang Daniel Collection which included a pink air jumper, backpack, and hoodie jacket which resulted in 17 million website visits that caused the server crash. All items in this collection were sold out in less than 30 hours.

In 2018, Kang Daniel’s charm is still attracting lots of companies to recruit him as the face of their products, such as Hite Beer Extra Cold, Bokuk Electronics, and Kissing Heart Sunglasses. His face is often seen on posters everywhere. The companies stated that his image is very likable, making him a public figure who fits well with their young and mature consumers alike.

We believe that Kang Daniel will get even more offers to represent brand products in the future due to his hard work and unstoppable charisma. Don’t you agree?