Kang Daniel: His Skincare, Makeup, and Luxury Brands

Kang Daniel cool appearance

Secret of Kang Daniel’s Cool Appearance

Kang Daniel always looked cool whenever he appeared on air or off. His makeup and style always catch public attention and become popular in no time. Known as the fashionista in Wanna One, Kang Daniel is also known as the “sold out idol” public figure for being able to make any brand sell out really fast. What’s the secret behind his handsome appearance? Let’s check it out!


Skincare Routine

Kang Daniel Skin Care Routine

Like everyone else, Kang Daniel also has a skincare routine to keep his appearance looking bright. Among all of his collection of skincare items, he uses a facial wash by Senka Shiseido, Perfect Whip Cleansing Foam from Japan. The public noticed his skin care when he made his appearance in 2017, on the MBC show “It’s Dangerous Beyond The Blankets”.

The same facial wash is used by many Korean celebrities, such as 2NE1’s former member, Dara, and BLOCK B’s P.O. They could be seen using the facial wash on MBC’s “Outrageous Roommate”.

Kang Daniel and Sandara Park same skin care
Kang Daniel same skin care with Sandara Park and P.O

Other products Kang Daniel uses are Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask, COSRX One Step Pimple Clear Pad, Etude House Gentle Black Energy Emulsion, Etude House Gentle Black Energy Toner, and Himalaya Herbals Lip Balm.



Kang Daniel Makeup

Kang Daniel’s makeup style is always a hot topic among fans and the public. Every product he applies always end up sold out in the market. One of those products was a dark red lipstick which drew public attention and made its sales increase of over 55% after the episode he wore it in was broadcast nationwide.

Kang Daniel makeup stage

His unique makeup makes a lot of people want to try it. Kang Daniel contrasting charm with a lot of makeup changes has always been hot topic for those interested in male idol style. Kang Daniel uses two different looks for when he’s on stage or on-air when doing TV shows. He wears light and natural makeup, or even no makeup at all, during TV shows, while he wears much bolder looks when he’s on stage.

Kang Daniel no makeup

Whatever makeup style Kang Daniel use, he always catch public attention. There are a lot of Kang Daniel makeup tutorial on youtube with various style. Here are some of the makeup tutorial on youtube.


Luxury Brands

Kang Daniel Luxury brand

Ever since Kang Daniel graduated from Mnet’s Produce 101 season 2, and became part of the boy-group Wanna One, the performer has received a lot of calls to model for several companies brands. Companies from clothing brands to food and beverages compete to gain Wanna One and Kang Daniel as their models. Here is a list of commercial brands which used Wanna One and Kang Daniel as their models.

Kang Daniel and Wanna One Commercial Model List
No Date Brand
1 June 27, 2017 InnisFree
2 July 4, 2017 1st Look Magazine
3 July 17, 2017 K-Swiss
4 July 21, 2017 Lotte Biscuit Yo-hi CF
5 Samsung Pay
6 Lotteria
7 Ghana Chocolate
8 Mexicana Fried Chicken
9 Mobile Game: The Musician
10 Yo-hi Milkis Water
11 Yakult Cold Brew
12 School Uniform: Ivy Club
13 Mobile App: SNOW
14 Perfume: Clean
15 Contact Lens: Lens Nine
16 Bluetooth Earphone: Mobifren
17 Toothpaste: Plesia
18 Vitamins: Vita 500
19 Bank Shinhan
20 Online Shopping Mall: G-Market
21 Reebok
22 Beer: Hinte Jiro
23 Body Wash: Think Nature
24 Home and Living: The Spring Home
25 Home Appliances: Bokuk
26 Apparel: L.A.P

Separate from being a model with the whole group, Kang Daniel also became an ‘ambassador’ as he wears particular brands of clothes to promote their fashion line. He mostly wears those at the airport, and its become his airport fashion style. Let’s check out some of Kang Daniel airport style below!

Kang Daniel Style 1
Kang Daniel Style 2
Kang Daniel Style 3
Kang Daniel Style 5
Kang Daniel Style 4
Kang Daniel Style 9
Kang Daniel Style 8
Kang Daniel Style 7
Kang Daniel Style 6
Kang Daniel Style 12
Kang Daniel Style 11
Kang Daniel Style 10

Latest News

Kang Daniel latest news

Kang Daniel will be promoting the album Power of Destiny as Wanna One’s last album. The group will be officially disband at the end of 2018, however, Wanna One will be staying together through January, 2019, just for attending award ceremonies. Afterward, all of Wanna One members, including Kang Daniel will go back to their own agency, MMO Entertainment, for further plans.