Kang Daniel: From Debut as Solo Artist to Revealing His Official Fandom Name


Everything You Need To Know About The Multitalented South Korean Idol From The Survival Program Produce 101 Season 2, Kang Daniel

Singer Kang Daniel was born on December 10, 1996, in Busan, South Korea. He started to become known after appearing on Mnet’s survival program Produce 101 season 2. Kang Daniel was the winner or trainee who made it to first place on the program, automatically becoming a center in the Produce 101 Season 2 dropout idol group, Wanna One. At present he’s preparing for his debut as a solo singer.

Kang Daniel Excited Fans By Wearing a Crop Top at Wanna One’s Last Concert

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Wanna One held their final concert on January 1, 2019. Because this was the last concert before disbanding, Park Ji-hoon and the rest of the group presented various interesting surprises to spoil the fans who came.

One of the surprises was Kang Daniel. The 1996 idol appeared to be wearing a crop top, which showed of his abdominal muscles, in other words, his abs.

In various photos and videos captured by fans, Kang Daniel looks confident when performing on stage in the shirt, but during the talk session, the Energetic singer seemed shy and covered his stomach.

Kang Daniel’s appearance in the crop top immediately got netizens excited. Many claimed to be amazed by the “perfect” physicality of the Spring Breeze singer. “Seriously, he feels like sweet and enjoys today,” wrote one netter.


“Very charming, really,” continued another netter. “Today’s physique is truly perfect,” added another. “The 16th sequence of most searches on Weibo is ‘Waist Kang Daniel’. He just used crop top,” concluded the other netter.

Meanwhile, Wanna One will still held concerts from January 25 through January 27. Afterwards, Ong Sung-Woo and friends will officially disband and undergo individual activities obtained through their respective agencies.

Kang Daniel and Yoon Ji-Sung Sign Contracts with A New Agency


Two members of Wanna One, Kang Daniel and Yoon Ji-sung, were confirmed to have moved to a new agency. Both of them signed a contract with LM Entertainment, an agency dedicated to managing both of their individual activities.

Quoted from Allkpop, according to LM Entertainment, Kang Daniel and Yoon Ji-sung’s contracts with MMO Entertainment officially ended today and both will be under the auspices of LM starting February 1, 2019.

“We plan to decide about the future direction of our two artists through serious discussion. We promise to support the two artists who started their new careers with our best efforts,” said an LM Entertainment representative.

Meanwhile, both Kang Daniel and Yoon Ji-sung are known to be preparing for their solo debuts. For Yoon Ji-sung, his solo debut will be the last activity he undertakes before starting his military service.

Agency Reveals Kang Daniel’s Solo Debut Plan After Wanna One Disbanding


After performing as a group for a year and a half, Wanna One finally disbanded at the end of December, 2018. After being declared disbanded, the members returned to their respective agencies.

Kang Daniel returned to MMO Entertainment, along with Yoon Ji-Sung. After returning to the agency, Kang Daniel opened a personal Instagram account to greet his fans. Through his personal Instagram account, Kang Daniel often greets his fans, as he just did, recently. He had a chance to go live and talk about his solo debut plans for the near future.

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Asked about his recent news, Kang Daniel said, “We are preparing for the last concert Wanna One”. Daniel also did not forget to say, “The Fancafe was officially opened today. I hope many people register.”

Many are curious about the plan for Kang Daniel’s future solo career, but he can only give his fans the code.

“I can’t give details about my future plans, but I’ll see you again in April,” he said. From this, many fans predict that Kang Daniel will debut as a solo performer.

The news has been widely discussed by many fans. Kang Daniel’s agency made its voice heard by saying, “Kang Daniel is preparing for a solo debut scheduled to be released in April.”

Kang Daniel Will Release Solo Album In April, 2019


One by one, personnel from the idol group Wanna One have been rumored to be starting solo careers early in 2019.

One of the group’s former members, Kang Daniel, conveyed a little information related to his future career plans, including the plan for his debut as a solo singer on January 21, 2019.

Through going live on his personal Instagram, namely @thisisdaniel_k, he revealed several plans related to his future career.

In the 42 minute live broadcast that he did, Kang Daniel told the Wannables (Wanna One’s loyal fans) that he and the other Wanna One members were preparing for the final concert of Wanna One, which was only a few days away.

Wanna One is an Idol Group under the care of Swing Entertainment, which was officially dissolved on December 31, 2018. Even though it’s been officially dissolved, they were still training as a group to prepare for their final concert, which was being held at Gocheok Sky Dome, South Korea. In addition to discussing the preparations for the concert he was doing, Kang Daniel also discussed the plan to build his own Fan Café.

“My official Fan Café will be opened soon. I hope there will be many people who register,” he said.

A Fan Café is an official community page created to facilitate communication between Idols and fans. To be able to communicate with fellow fans and idols on the page, someone who wants to join must register first.

After sharing information about the Fan Café that would soon be released, Kang Daniel also gave a little hint related to his debut plans.

“I can’t give details about my plan, but I’ll see you in April!”

Through the statement, fans speculated that Kang Daniel would soon debut as a solo singer in April. Previously, the agency that oversaw Kang Daniel, MMO Entertainment, had indeed given a statement regarding Kang Daniel’s debut plan.

Quoted by Soompi, the agency revealed that Kang Daniel would debut as a solo singer shortly after Yoon Ji-Sung debuted in February, 2019.

Yoon Ji-Sung is another former member of Wanna One, who works with the same agency with Kang Daniel. If Yoon Ji-Sung debuted in February, while Kang Daniel is rumored to be debuting after Yoon Ji-Sung, then it can be concluded that Kang Daniel’s statement that he will meet fans in April is most likely a key word for his solo debut schedule.

While waiting for more complete information regarding Kang Daniel’s solo debut, the Wannables were busy preparing to attend the Wanna One concert that was being held at the Gocheok Sky Dome, South Korea, on the 24-26 January, 2019.

Three of Wanna One’s former members, Kang Daniel, Bae Jin-Young and Yoon Ji-Sung Accepting Ideas To Determine Their Fandom Names


More of Wanna One’s former members are working on determining their individual fandom names!

Previously, Park Ji Hoon’s fan club name was announced to be ‘May’. Then, on February 3, Kim Jae-Hwan addressed his fans using the official fandom name WIN:D for the first time, via a tweet. On February 8, Ha Sung Woon made the announcement via Instagram, that the fandom name, ‘HA:NEUL’ had been selected.

Kang Daniel, Bae Jin-Young, and Yoon Ji-Sung also started taking ideas for their fandom names. Ideas for Kang Daniel’s and Yoon Ji-Sung’s fandom names were taken until February 3, and ideas for Bae Jin-Young’s fandom names were accepted until February 7.

The three former Wanna One members will select their fandom names themselves from the ideas submitted by fans. Suggestions were taken through the Fan Café accounts that were opened by each of the three performers.

Ahead of Debut, Kang Daniel Releases New Social Media


After successfully launching an Instagram account and Fan Café page some time ago, Kang Daniel has reportedly released several other social media options.

On January 31, 2019, Kang Daniel released a Twitter social media account with the name @Official_KDN_. After being active for less than two days, the account had been followed by 154 thousand followers. by January 2, 2019, at 5:35 a.m. KST, Kang Daniel released a Facebook (@ Official.KDN.Im) account with a total of 38 thousand followers.

Thirty minutes later, at 06.00 a.m. KST, he opened a Naver’s V Live account with 153 thousand total followers. Following the previous three social media, at 8:36 a.m. KST, the singer launched a Weibo account with total followers of 260 thousand. The final new social media he created was a YouTube account, under the name Kang Daniel Official. Although there wasn’t any content on the YouTube account yet, as of February 1, 2019, at 10:36 WIB the YouTube channel had already been followed by 47,634 subscribers.

The release of various social media accounts from artists from the Produce 101 Season 2 survival show is not without reason. In the near future, Kang Daniel will soon debut as a solo singer, as will a number of the other members of Wanna One. There hasn’t been any official info regarding the exact date of LM Entertainment’s debut date for the singer yet, however, the previous agency that used to oversee Kang Daniel, MMO Entertainment, had  given a statement regarding Kang Daniel’s debut plan, with a debut date in April.

However, since January 31, Soompi reported that the work contract between Yoon Ji-Sung and Kang Daniel with MMO Entertainment was over. Now, both of them have officially moved to the new agency, LM Entertainment, and are busy preparing solo albums for their first debuts.  What the switch means in terms of changing timelines is still unknown.

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