Details About Kang Daniel’s Contract Termination with LM Entertainment


The National Producer’s Favorite

Kang Eui-geon (강의건) (who then went by the stage name Kang Daniel) has received so much love globally from fans all around the world even prior to appearing in Produce 101 Season 2, which is a Korean survival show that’s looking for trainees from various companies to enable them to debut in a boy group. There, he represented MMO Entertainment and successfully finished at the first rank in the final episode, thus becoming the center of the project boy group Wanna One under YMC Entertainment. Sadly, Wanna One’s contract ended last year, on December 31st, 2018, resulting in their disbandment as a group.

Now, you might be wondering what happens next to our favorite center, after Wanna One’s disbandment. Projected to become one of the next big solo acts, Kang Daniel is rumored to have a problem regarding the termination of the contract with his current agency. Are you interested in more details on this matter? Scroll down to find out!


Solo Career with LM Entertainment

Kang Daniel, who is under MMO Entertainment until earlier this year, has moved to a new agency called LM Entertainment. Both he and his labelmate, who was also a Wanna One member, Yoon Ji-sung, have decided to go solo with LM Entertainment.

On January 31st, LM Entertainment dropped the announcement, “Kang Daniel and Yoon Ji-sung’s exclusive contracts with MMO Entertainment end on January 31st. Starting from February 1st, they will be moving to a new agency, LM Entertainment.”

The agency furthermore explained, “The two artists ended up joining LM Entertainment on the foundation of deep trust, and we plan to decide on the direction of their future activities after careful discussion. We promise to do our utmost to support the [two] artists, who are preparing to make a fresh start.”

Before, both Kang Daniel and Yoon Ji Sung were signed to MMO Entertainment when they appeared on Mnet’s survival show Produce 101 Season 2 and then debuted as members of the show’s group Wanna One in 2017. Kang Daniel took place as the group’s center, while Yoon Ji-sung signed a role as the group’s leader.

Wanna One recently decided to disband, on December 31st, 2018, after concluding their official activities, leaving fans in tears as their final four-day concert “Therefore,” which took place from January 24th to January 27th at the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul, became the group’s farewell gift.

With all the other former members of Wanna One deciding to go their own way, the official announcement above had concluded that Kang Daniel would resume his path as a solo artist under LM Entertainment.

Rumors About Kang Daniel

After moving to LM Entertainment on February 1st, 2019, strangely, the whereabouts of the 22-year-old singer seemed to be unknown out of his social media platforms after just one month of being in the new agency. Fans have expressed their concern upon this lack of activity on Kang Daniel’s Instagram and many are speculating that the new agency is not giving him enough support for his upcoming solo career.

The fans’ concern sparked a rumor about friction between Kang Daniel and his new management team. On March 3rd, 2019, South Korean news outlet, Market News reported that Kang Daniel was allegedly attempting to terminate his contract with LM Entertainment. In that report, the exact reasons for what triggered the event of contract termination were not explicitly stated. Although, it is believed that there were misunderstandings that happened between Daniel and his new agency regarding his social media.

LM Entertainment was quick to make a statement saying, “It is true that we received a certification of contents, but it was a request to modify clauses in the contract, not to terminate it. We are currently discussing the modification of the contract’s clauses.”

Later, Kang Daniel also made an official statement regarding those rumors, where he confirmed a falling-out between him and his new agency. He wrote a long explanation to his fans:

“Because I couldn’t show you all how I was doing on social media and I thought that you’d be worried, I requested my agency to transfer the social media accounts under my name [to me], so I can deliver even the smallest of updates.”

“Although I repeatedly made these requests and waited for the agency to voluntarily transfer the accounts in order to show you all a better side of me, the company refused the requests for the transfer of the social media accounts, and an article about my dispute [with the agency] was released today.”

Kang Daniel ended his statement with, “ Please believe in me and wait a little bit longer. The truth will be revealed,” closing it with an ambiguous message.

After releasing this confirmation, Kang Daniel also decided to create his own personal Instagram account in order to freely communicate with his fans and project the public persona that he wanted to share.

Since then, rumors about him seemed to be going around everywhere. There was also fake news going viral about him that made it seem like he was hanging out with HK Investor whose face was covered. Although that rumor was then cleared, seeing that the photo that was taken turned out to be a picture of Daniel and his labelmate from Wanna One, Hwang Min-hyun.

Contract Termination

First coming out as a rumor, Kang Daniel’s request to terminate his contract with LM Entertainment turned out to be far from a rumor after all.

On March 7th, it was revealed that Kang Daniel hired a high-profile lawyer, namely Seon Joong-moon. The lawyer is best known as a legal representative for several legal disputes in the entertainment industry. Some of his clients included: Kim Hyun-joong’s ex-girlfriend regarding her paternity dispute and the Korean boy group MADTOWN regarding their conflict with their agency.

Lawyer Seon Joong-moon currently represents the behalf of Kang Daniel’s in the communication with LM Entertainment. On the same day, he told the news outlet Xportnews that the discussion between all the parties has not advanced since the day the certification of contents was sent. So, he didn’t have any details to share.