From ‘Legend of the Blue Sea’ to ‘Hwayugi’, Check Out Kal So-won’s Brilliant Performance in Many Famous Korean Dramas!

Latest News of Kal So-won

On the 18th of May, through her mother’s Instagram, fans were notified that Kal So-won will be starring in the movie Mr. Zoo, which was something fans were looking forward to. Through the Instagram post, fans got a small peek at what Kal So-won’s role might just be, seemingly something more grown up then her previous roles. Not only that, but she is pictured with the actress Kim Seo-hyung, fresh off her stint in the drama Sky Castle, the sleeper hit of 2018 that hit drama fans right in the heart.

The post was captioned with, “The fun and amicable poster shoot for Mr. Zoo is finally done~ So happy to be able to take a picture with the star of Sky Castle Kim Seo-hyung, a legendary drama right after My Mister. Also spent this great day with charismatic and passionate actor Bae Jung-nam. ㅎㅎ (She) wasn’t able to take a picture with father Lee Sung-min, we should when we meet next time~~ #Mr. Zoo #Film Mr.Zoo #Director Kim Tae-yoon #Happy Shoot #Sky Castle #Kim Ju-young Teacher #Actor Bae Jung-nam.”

Mr.Zoo is a movie that tells the story of Tae-ju, who after a freak accident gains the ability to talk to animals. Kal So-won will be playing the role of Seo-yeon, Tae-ju’s daughter, who has to deal with the new condition that her father has been blessed with. The movie is set to release sometime in 2019. So, are you looking forward to Kal So-won’s future works? What do you think about her roles as the child version of famous drama and movie characters? Comment your thoughts and opinions in the section below!