Kai and Krystal: Dating News, Breakup, Not Getting Back Together?


All About Kai and Krystal Couple: Will They Get Back Together?

EXO‘s Kai and former f(x)‘s member Krystal are often a subject pair of photoshoots. They are also a popular couple among fan fiction. The pair met about 10 years ago as trainees, and fans have long wanted “Kaistal” to be a real couple.

In 2016, Kai and Krystal shocked the net world with their dating news. Their agency SM Entertainment confirmed that they are dating. However, in 2017, Kai and Krystal decided to end their relationship. A lot of people are sad because of this and quietly want them to be together again. But, in 2018, Krystal said that she’s not getting back together with her ex. Is it really over for the “Kaistal” couple?

In this article, we will talk more details about the relationship between Kai and Krystal starting from their dating news, breakup news, and the aftermath. Stay tuned!

Kai and Krystal Confirmed to be Dating In 2016


On April 1, 2016, when news broke out that Kai and Krystal were dating, everyone thought it may be an April Mop. Then, SM Entertainment, their agency, later confirmed it, and their fans were largely supportive of the two. They are the same age and apparently share a lot of similarities, even their expressionless faces are supposed to be a similar trait. Many of their fans think that the two of them look really good together.


Kai and Krystal Ended Their Relationship in 2017


The hot-topic relationship between Kai and Krystal came to an end after a year and 2 months of dating. As SM Entertainment, their agency, officially announced, “It’s true that the two have split.” The pair decided to go back to their roots and remain “good friends.”


So many artists can’t maintain their relationships because of busy schedules, and sadly, it happened to the Kaistal couple. A source close to the idol pair revealed that the two broke up because of their busy schedules, stating, “It’s true that the two have broken up. They’ve been unable to meet often because of their busy schedules. I don’t know the exact reason for their breakup, but I think they’ve both decided to focus on their careers,” as reported by International Business Times.


Many netizens are skeptical about the reason. Their fans commented that although the pair has schedules now and then, it doesn’t come to a point where it hinders the two from seeing each other, as reported by Korea Portal. However, being apart may lead to misunderstandings or lack of communication which makes the heart drift apart, too.


Krystal’s Sister Jessica Jung on Her Breakup


According to Nate News, in August 2017, Jessica Jung shared her thoughts about her younger sister’s relationship with EXO’s Kai and her younger sister’s breakup in an interview with TV Daily.


Jessica Jung cheered her younger sister on by saying, “Meetings and farewells are inevitable. I am always on my sister’s side. Honestly, I think it must have been overwhelming. Breakup news is more uncomfortable than dating news,” as reported by Soompi.


Krystal Said She’s Not Getting Back Together With Her Ex! Is It Really Over For “KaiStal”?


Krystal once admitted that she didn’t want to get back together with her ex. When Krystal appeared on tvN’s Life Bar talk show with several of the cast of OCN’s Player on September 27, 2018, she opened up about her thoughts on relationships and breakups. During the segment “Relationship Masterpiece,” the show host asked Krystal what she wrote, and she showed, “I will always support you, but don’t keep in touch.” Shin Dong-yup then responded, “Is this something you said to an ex? Did you get hurt in the past?”


Krystal further elaborated, “It’s not that. It’s just when I am no longer in a relationship with someone, I want to make sure it has definitely ended.” Her answer surprised everyone. Han Hye-jin followed up and inquired, “You never thought about seeing or trying to date anyone again?” Krystal answered, “I always try to give it my all in all my relationships, including my romantic ones. So, if we do break up, to me, we’ve definitely broken up. I don’t hold onto the idea that I could date this person again.”


When asked, “You never had a break period with someone and ended up getting back together?” Krystal went on, “I think I may be like this because I never had that happen to me. I never experienced a rekindling, but who’s to say that won’t happen in the future? If the other person and I mutually decided to end it, I try not to have any regrets. I really don’t dwell on it,” as reported by Soompi.


Shin Dong-yup asked if Krystal ever had an on-again-off-again relationship, and Krystal answered, “I’ve never had that situation. I may think this way because I’ve never experienced that situation before. It may happen in the future,” as reported by Koreaboo.


What bold and mature statements, Krystal’s straightforward approach to relationships tied into when the show’s hosts brought up how she is known to have a cold image, but her real personality is the complete opposite. Let’s hope for the best for her!


That was all the information about Kai and Krystal that you need to know. They were such a hot couple back then but seems like they would not be together again.. or will they? Let’s just hope for the best for both Kai and Krystal! If you like this article, kindly share this with your mutuals so they know about this info too. Make sure to keep updated about your favorite Korean celebrities with us!