Fans Are Loving His Sexy Lips! Did EXO’s Kai Undergo Plastic Surgery?


EXO’s Kai, Who Doesn’t Know Him?

Kai is a South Korean singer from the boy group EXO. Kai’s real name is Kim Jong-in, and he was born on January 14, 1994. Besides being a singer, he is also a model, actor, and dancer. He is very good at dancing, which he has loved since he was 8 years old. Meanwhile, both of his parents really wanted him to be a musician. When he was 13 years old, he signed a work contract with SM Entertainment and began to study hip-hop music. He debuted with EXO in 2011.

In 2016, he began his acting career as the male lead in the web drama Choco Bank.

In January 2017, Kai was announced to be starring as the male lead in the KBS teen drama Andante as a high school student.

In February 2017, following Adante, he starred in the drama Spring Has Come which is based on a Japanese novel. In the drama, he acted with Japanese artists.

Of course, though he is acting, his real fame is from EXO. His idol status helps bring attention to him in his acting and modeling endeavors, and we hope to see more!

Everyone Loves His Sexy Lips, but Did Kai Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Besides his voice and dance that fascinated his fans, it turned out that everyone was also very in loves with his sexy lips. The charm of FX’s Krystal ex-lover made a woman curious about his handsome face and lips, did he have plastic surgery?

Reportedly, Kai received double eyelid surgery because of the familiar permanent folds seen in people with this surgery. His nose also became smaller compared to his pre-debut photo which spread more rumors about nose surgery. But, what about his lips?

Kai didn’t have surgery on his lips- he had lips like that since he was a child. In fact, when he debuted with EXO, his lips already looked sexy. Look at the photos below to compare before and after his debut.

In these photos, do you see a difference in his lips? You can also compare his new photo.

Even though he has always had nice lips, there are still many people who say that he underwent surgery on his lips. His haters especially say that his lips are the result of plastic surgery because they are very thick. There are even some people who dislike Kai because of his lips.

However, most who know him don’t hate him. His fans love him and also say that his lips look very sexy. They never even thought that his lips were the result of plastic surgery.

So, what do you think? Did he undergo plastic surgery or not?