Check Out Kai and Krystal’s Matching Outfits and Styles!

Kai & Krystal

Let’s Take a Look at The Same Style Vibes From EXO’s Kai and F(x)’s Krystal!

People might already know about the relationship between EXO’s Casanova, Kai, and the ice princess, f(x)’s Krystal, a long time ago. They had a relationship for almost two years, but, unfortunately, they had to break up due to their busy schedules. Even though they remain good friends toward each other, there are still some people who shipped them as a couple. Their fans also thought that Kai and Krystal had similar taste and the same vibes in their fashion choices. Is it true? Channel Korea will give you the details, so stay tuned!

Kai and Krystal have obviously both been involved in a lot of photoshoots. They were even once united in the same photoshoot, for W Korea. But have you noticed that Kai and Krystal might be having the same vibes during their different photoshoots? Whether it was their outfits, their poses, or their expression, they often have a similar feel! Through this article, Channel Korea has introduced you the same good vibes from EXO’s Kai and f(x)’s Krystal, during their separate photoshoot and styles!

Kai and Krystal’s Photoshoots with the Same Vibe, Different Occasion!

Let’s take a look at some of their separate photoshoots, here:

1. Black and White Vibes

From the pictures above, people might think that Kai and Krystal were in the same photoshoot! But turns out, they weren’t! Both Kai and Krystal were shot using a monochrome, classic style, and they also had that close-up angle with the same ‘innocence-look’ expression on their faces!

Still using the same monochrome, classic vibe, this time we could see the similarities in their pose, as well! Both Kai and Krystal had their hands intertwined. Kai intertwined his hands under his chin, meanwhile Krystal intertwined her hands on that desk!

2. Casual Vibes

This time, Kai and Krystal were having the same casual vibe! They were using the same colors in their outfits, blue and black. Also, their poses were similar; putting their hands on their head!

Still with a casual feel, this time Kai and Krystal are both wearing striped t-shirts! It might look a little bit different, but the maroon and white stripes are looking the same! And how about their same cold expression? They matched, as well!

Just take a look at how similar these photos are! Kai and Krystal were both sitting, with their arms hanging off the edge of the furniture. Moreover, they both had the same cold gaze on their faces, which made them look even more alike.

3. Red Vibes

Kai and Krystal are both wearing dramatic red outfits in the photos above. Obviously, the red color looks so good on them! Moreover, we could easily drown, just by looking at their cold gazes, as well!

4. Scenery Vibes

Different occasions, yet still with the same vibe! Both Kai and Krystal were having photoshoots with certain magazines, and their vibes were still the same! Krystal was showing off the classic scenery, meanwhile Kai was showing off the vintage scenery!

5. Floral Vibes

Floral themes in photoshoot are something beautiful, right? It was proven through Kai’s photoshoot and Krystal’s photoshoot! Even though their styles weren’t the same, they were both using a floral theme! Kai’s was with the dominant cold blue color, meanwhile Krystal had the dominant warm pink!