Are EXO’s Kai and f(x)’s Krystal Still Together? Check Out Their Latest Moments, Here!

Fashion Show

By now, all of us know that EXO’s Kai and f(x)’s Krystal are a match made in heaven due to their similar strong passion for music and performing. Adding to the pile of the list of their similarities, they are both also known for being a style icon!

They both LOVE attending fashion shows.

In May 2018, EXO’s Kai was invited to fly to France and attended the Gucci Cruise 2019 fashion show.

Departing for France on May 29th, the guy whose real name is Kim Jongin was seen at Incheon airport, South Korea with a neat and chic look wearing all-round Gucci clothing. The fashion show itself was held on May 30th at 21:30 France local time.

In France, EXO’s Kai stirred the heat amongst the fans because of his very attractive and model-like appearance. Well, who would not look at Kai’s tall and slender body as well as the healthy tanned skin and handsome face adorned with a firm jaw?

For the fashion show, held at the Prom Alyade in Arles, France, Kai wore a shirt and plaid suit, accessorized with a very unique headpiece statement.

The clothing worn by EXO’s Kai is part of the Gucci Fall 2018 ready to wear collection. Yup, including the headpiece!

Thus no wonder, Kai’s appearance was stirring the talks among fans. In fact, hashtag #GUCCI_KAI has become a trending topic on Twitter. No.2 worldwide following his appearance on the show.

Similar to Kai, f(x)’s Krystal is also known for her love of style and fashion.

f(x)’s Krystal left for New York last February 10th, 2019. Her departure to the city, which often becomes her vacation destination with her sister, was to fulfill an invitation to attend the 2019 New York Fashion Week.

Krystal appeared at the COACH fashion show which was part of the New York Fashion Week on Tuesday, 12th February 2019. On this occasion, the ex-girlfriend of EXO’s Kai looked stunning as usual.

Krystal wore a black COACH Washed Silk Dress combined with matching knee-length boots. With shoulder-length straight hair, the singer and actress born in 1994 stood out.

Krystal’s beautiful appearance at the COACH fashion show is not only becoming talks among the fans but also the netters. Not a few netters joined in the excitement when they learned that besides Krystal, BlackPink’s Jennie, who was another ex-girlfriend of EXO’s Kai, is also invited to attend the 2019 New York Fashion Week.

Whether they interacted with each other or not, we don’t know for sure. But, what we know is both EXO’s Kai and f(x)’s Krystal are still really into the fashion shows. Hmm, interesting.


Dramas and Movies

Aside from their idol careers, both EXO’s Kai and f(x)’s Krystal are also known for being active in the drama scene!

They both have been praised for their acting skills and hardworking attitudes.

EXO’s Kai’s latest drama, Spring Has Come, which is also his debut drama in Japan, premiered on January 13th, 2018. This drama was quite anticipated by the Japanese public because it was the first time starring a Korean actor.

In Spring Has Come, Kai plays a Korean photographer named Lee Ji-won. He comes to Japan and meets Naoko Kishikawa (Kana Kurashina) who works at an underwear counter in a shopping center.

Considering that Kai is new to acting, his debut in Spring Has Come certainly makes fans anxious. It is understandable since, in the past, his acting debut in the Korean drama Choco Bank did not get a positive response. Although later, he was praised by netters for his appearance in the 2017 drama, Andante.

Unexpectedly, the inaugural episode of Spring Has Come received a positive response from the Japanese public. Kai’s acting as Lee Ji-won was also praised by the watchers. No wonder the netters are proud of the 1994-born idol.

“I’m not surprised to see the response given this drama is very exciting. Visual and acting Kai and Kana Kurashina and their chemistry is extraordinary. I watched the drama of Kana Kurashina before and it was great to see her with Kai. My heart was excited,” commented one netter.

“I can understand if the Japanese public falls in love with Kai’s attraction. But the response is better than I expected, so I’m very happy. His character is able to make you fall in love with him. He is really tempting,” concluded another.

Similarly, f(x)’s Krystal has also recently been reported of making her big-screen debut!

In October 2019, Krystal’s name suddenly became trending on Twitter. This is related to the confirmation of her playing in the new film titled Sweet and Sour. Netizens are delighted because this will mark the first time Krystal makes an appearance on the big screen.

After SNSD’s Yoona debuted before, playing in a film, Krystal from f(x) will also appear as a female main character on the big screen. SM Entertainment has confirmed this news.

“It’s true that Krystal will star in the film (Sweet and Sour),” answered one of SM Entertainment’s representatives.

Sweet and Sour will tell the story of the co-operation between a man and a woman who are in love, but instead drifting away when they are working together.

The film will be directed by Lee Gye Byuk who also directed the film Lucky and Cheer Up Mr. Lee. Reportedly, actor Jang Ki-yong and Chae Soo-bin are also under consideration for playing in this one film.

Wow, it seems that both EXO’s Kai and f(x)’s Krystal are paving their way up in the drama and film industry. We’re curious to find out how they will interact in the future! After all, it’s not impossible for them to cross paths one way or another in the coming years.

What do you think about this couple? Do you agree with them getting back together?