All About The Famous Taekwondo Demo Team and K-Pop Dance Cover Crew K-Tigers

K-Tigers Co-Ed Member Profiles

The female unit consists of 3 members. They are Jeong Yoon-ji, Yuri, and Yi Seul.

  1. Jeong Yoon-ji
Jeong Yoon-ji

Real Name          : Jeong Yoon-ji

Born                   : Seoul, June 6, 1994

Position              : Leader, Vocalist

Education           : Taekwondo Department of Yongin University, South Korea

Official Account   : @you.nzy / instagram


  • She participated on TV shows such as Star King, Miracle Korea, and Hit the Stage.
  • She joined K-Tigers Live Show.
  • She has performed Taekwondo in many countries such as Thailand, England, Italy, China, and the U.S.
  • She was in the cover dance team for “Ringa Linga TKD Ver.,” “Growl TKD Ver.,” “Overdose TKD Ver.,” “Hot Pink TKD Ver.,” and “Hero K-Tigers’s MV.”


2. Yuri

Ktigers Yuri

Real Name               : Choi Yu-ri

Nickname                 : Yuri

Born                        : Goyang, March 31, 1994, Gyeongi-do-South Korea

Blood type               : B

Education                 : University of Korean Sport

Position                    : Dancer, Lead Vocal

Official Account         : @glassy_yuri / Instagram


  • She is a member of National Poemsae team.
  • She joined the SuperStar K2 Program.
  • She appeared on SBS’s Truth Game and Star King.
  • She performed at the Southeast Asian Games in Busan, Taekwondo World Youth Championship, Yangyang World Taekwondo Championships, Korean Taekwondo League Tournament, Football World Cup at ShenYang Stadium, Xinjiang Home Department, The Olympic Games in Manchester, and International Taekwondo Championships in England.
  • She was in the cover dance team for “Ringa Linga TKD Ver.,” “Overdose TKD Ver.,” “K-Bar Tigers Bar TKD Ver.,” and “Hero K-Tigers’s MV.”


3. Park Yi-seul

Ktigers Yi Seul

Real Name           : Park Yi-seul

Nickname            : Yi Seul

Born                   : Gyeonggi-do, Korea, December 12, 1993

Position              : Rapper

Education           : University of Korean Sport

Official Account   : @seul_dew / Instagram


  • She has two brothers.
  • She performed Taekwondo at a Walt Disney’s show.
  • She appeared on SBS’s TV shows such as Star King and Miracle Korea.
  • She has performed Taekwondo in many countries such as Qatar, China, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Singapore, Thailand, and the U.S.
  • She was in the cover dance team for “Ringa Linga TKD Ver.,” “Overdose TKD Ver.,” “Growl TKD Ver.,” and “Hero K-Tigers’s MV.”


Dance Covers

Here are some videos of K-Tigers dance cover of K-pop songs. Let’s check them out!






So, ready to fall in love with the K-Tigers Taekwondo team? You can see more videos on their official YouTube, K-Tigers TV.


K-Tigers Latest News

K-Tigers Zero

Recently, the K-Tigers team is focusing not only on their Taekwondo activities, tournaments, and cover dances but also on a debut project as K-pop idols. The debuting project group name is K-Tigers Zero.

K-Tigers Zero’s debut project consists of 11 official members with their first appearances being on Shindong Kick Service, an MBC music program, with Super Junior’s Shindong featuring K-Tigers Zero. They revealed their cover dance of BTS’s “Fake Love.” The show invited B.A.P, LABOOM, and KARD as guests.

K-Tigers Zero Member Pictures

Dressing in black and white, K-Tigers Zero members look so charismatic, good-looking, and brave at the same time.

  1. Jang Jun-hee
Jang Jun-hee

2. Oh Hyeong-kyun

Oh Hyeong-kyun

3. Byun Hyun-min

Byun Hyun-min

4. Kang Gun-woo

Kang Gun-woo

5. Na Tae-joo

Na Tae-joo

6. Ha Seong Jin

Ha Seong-jin

7. Lee Gang-min

Lee Gang-min

8. Taemi


9. Cho Min-ji

Cho Min-ji

10. Jeong Yoon-ji

Jeong Yoon-ji

11. Han Eun-jae

Han Eun-jae