Here Are The 10 Ultimate K-Pop Summer Songs That Will Give You Sunny And Bright Vibes

K-pop Summer Songs Playlist

Summer is the warmest and hottest season of the year. It’s the season between spring and autumn. Summer usually happen in the months of June, July, and August. During the summertime, people are doing some activities such as having a BBQ, going for a picnic, swimming, going on a road trip, or maybe go to the summer festival. Summer is not completed without listening to these K-pop summer songs. In this article, Channel-Korea will recommend you some K-pop summer songs that will lifted up your mood during summer day! Check it out.

KARD’s Hola Hola

Hola Hola is a perfect song to listen in the summer day! You can feel the summer by their music video, palm trees and beaches. The song is giving off the EDM and tropical house vibe that suits the summer. It was released on July 19, 2017. The album was placed number 3 on US World Albums (Billboard).

“Hug me without any space left, your my endorphin
The sunset has a pastel tone film on top
It’s a green utopia
As long as those days are there
We’ll escape to that world
Our gentle steps
Are like a spring waltz
An ocean view spectrum in our frame
Like dejavu, we’re in unison
Like last night’s dream
A midsummer night’s honey, so sweet.”

Check Out Kard’s Hola Hola Music Video:


TXT’s Our Summer

Our Summer was released on March 4, 2019. It’s the third track of the album The Dream Chapter: STAR. The music video are fun to watch! Having fun on the beach, going to an amusement park, playing in the park with your friends. It’s a summer bucket list!

“Spread before your eyes are the ivory Milky Way
Blooming gold season, like our summer
No matter where you are, no matter what season
If we’re together, feel like summer

Your fresh fragrance, your sparkling eyes
Makes me feel better
Reality loses its power, even the Earth dies
The moment is eternal

Under the hot sun
You and I are going to be us now
Over the Gray City
There’s a flood of blue waves.”

Check Out TXT’s Our Summer Music Video:


SISTAR’s I Swear

I Swear is the lead single for the album “Sweet and Sour” (EP). I Swear is the great songs to listen during summer. Both of the songs and the MV are really giving off a combination of a perfect summer day!

“Oh I swear, oh I swear
(Promise you, baby)
It’s like you and I were put together
Lose the chance today, and I know you’ll regret it, I swear
I I swear, intensely like a confession from a movie
The D.I.An on your fourth finger
Makes the whole world jealous

I I swear, pick that star and give it to me
Think of my small jokes as something cute
Baby, I only want to be with you
(I swear I swear I I swear)”

Check Out Sistar’s I Swear Music Video:


MONSTA X’s Newton

Newton is a upbeat, light and catchy song. Throughout maintaining with the summer atmosphere, Newton‘s MV is synonymous with relaxed fun.

“A star that is more like a star than a star
It’ll be filled with sweetness
On your twinkling star
I will always stay
I found out what is pulling me
It’s your charm, and you’re the reason
You’re more like a star than an actual star
It’s because of your sparkling eyes

I think it’s because of you
When I see the starlight
I feel good like it’s morning time
Feeling good like that
An unforgettable feeling refreshes me
Fill me up with you again, pop it up to refresh.”

Check Out Monsta X’s Newton Music Video: 


Red Velvet’s Red Flavor

Red Flavor is a catchy summer songs from Red Velvet! The song has a refreshing feeling and the tracks is talking about summer flavor and love. The MV are full of fruits, that makes you want to taste during the summer day.

“Curious about the red flavor, honey
The strawberry flavor that melts more as you bite
Look for it at your corner candy shop, baby
My favorite is the summer flavor

Open the seven-color, rainbow door
Your world is electric. It’s cool
The color of your love is redder than the sun
I want it; I want to do it my way

Look at me, what are you thinking about?
What can I do today?
I’m dreaming; however, I want.”

Check Out Red Velvet’s Red Flavor Music Video: