From Wonder Girls to 2NE1, Check Out K-Pop Songs English Versions That You Should Listen To!

DJ HYO – Sober

One of the Girls’ Generation members who got the chance to debut solo was Hyoyeon. The member who has the nickname as Dancing Machine debuted as a DJ, and continued her activities and promotion as a DJ, with several singles until now. DJ Hyo debuted in 2018 with her single, Sober. This song has two versions, namely the Korean version and the English version, which were released on April 12, 2018.

SM Entertainment announced that Hyoyeon would be active with her latest schedule as a DJ and the Sober English version, released under Scream Records, which is an EDM number from the SM Entertainment label. SONE were surprised by Hyoyeon’s solo debut as a DJ and Sober English version. This certainly attracted international fans, especially the fresh genre with EDM, electric guitar, and tropical-future house made music enthusiasts outside of the hallyu wave come to enjoy this song.

Sober English version is an EDM song which became DJ Hyo’s solo debut and received positive responses from fans. This song also features DJ Ummet Ozcan, one of the most famous DJs in the world. With the concept of a music video that is full of dance and light playing effects,  Sober sounds like a song that can make a cheerful mood, having fun, and hype.

You can take me out, pour some wine and rub my shoulders

But I don’t want you now, I’ll come back when I’m hungover

So I’ll, be yours when the night is over

I, only love you when I’m sorry.” – Sober, DJ Hyo.

Jay Park – Me Like Yuh

Jay Park is a rapper from South Korea who is famous in the world because of his talent. Jay Park, who is from Seattle, also released one of the 2016 English versions of the song which has the title, Me Like Yuh. The song has the mellow R&B genre, where he sings the song for the woman he loves while dancing together.


In the previous release of the original song, Me Like Yuh had a music video with a sensual concept, but was still modern. This song really depicts Jay Park’s cheerful yet charismatic characteristics. Me Like Yuh English version is the B-Side of the previous single, Aquaman, and this song also has a Korean version that features vocals by Hoody.

The Uber’s on the way cause I had a couple drinks tonight

But I’m more drunk off of your love

Baby, I just can’t get enough

So baby girl.” – Me Like Yuh, Jay Park.

Yoon Mirae – JamCome On Baby

The African-Korean female rapper who has the real name Natasha Shanta Reid is famous for many songs that became hits in South Korea. Besides being fluent in English, Yoon Mi-rae also has a song released in the English version, entitled JamCome On Baby. Yoon Mi-rae, who has the title as Korea’s Hip Hop Queen, released JamCome On Baby English version on September 23, 2016.

JamCome On Baby is written like Korean, which means “Wait A Minute Baby,” and is a song that became a collaborative projects with Far East Movement by mixing the track to give it a very R&B feel.

The music video for JamCome On Baby was made with slow-motion effects, with Yoon Mi-rae and several people who were on the filming set doing dance moves with various movements. The concept in this music video looks very simple, but does not deviate from the meaning of the song lyrics that tell about someone who has been waiting for his lover to meet again.

Baby can I see you right now, Really really really wanna see ya right now

Just come over baby, just wanna hold you baby

Say this to ya right now, Say this to ya night and day.

JamCome On Baby, Yoon Mi-rae.

Taeyang – I’ll Be There

One member of BIGBANG who managed to get a chance to debut solo, Taeyang, also released a song with an English version on August 24, 2010. The song that is a distinctive memory for VIPs has a very deep meaning, because Taeyang tells about his presence in every moment for girls which he loves and he will never let go of that love.

I’ll Be There was a song that won the award at the 2010 Mnet Asian Music Awards for the category Best Make Artist. The concept in the music video I’ll Be There English version seems very dark because in the first few seconds of the music video the scene looks like a graveyard and Taeyang is highlighted from behind, his back topless present in the dream of the woman in the music video.

I got your back believe in me, You’ve got my back either way

When good or bad comes along, Just keep your faith in me

You are so beautiful, beautiful Wo-wo-wonderful, wonderful

See my dream of you and me. ”- I’ll Be There, Bigbang’s Taeyang.

2NE1 – Can’t Nobody

In addition Girls’ Generation and Wonder Girls who are two of the mainstay girl-groups of the Big Three Agencies, now it’s 2NE1’s turn to be the best girl-group from YG Entertainment and get their chance to promote internationally by releasing an English version of one of their tracks, titled Can’t Nobody. The song was released on January 19, 2011, for the first time by Recochoku, a ringtone website that is popular in Japan.

The music video for Can’t Nobody English version was made in August 2010, and was directed by Seo Hyun-seung, the same producer who made music videos for 2NE1, such as Fire, I Don’t Care, and Try To Follow Me, and the theme for music the video looks the same as the property and unique costumes.

The songwriter for Can’t Nobody English version is Teddy, and the theme used in the music video Can’t Nobody shows the members with their respective scenarios, such as CL who drives a black Lamborghini around the city of Seoul, and appears next to a pink van with “2NE1” in the side, Minzy, who danced in the middle of a corridor, and Park Bom with her red hairstyle. Sandara was seen in a long, black dress going up the stairs and carrying a cat.

Can’t nobody hold us down, Nothing’s gonna take us down

And you think you can stop it, But we can’t stop it tonight

Can’t hold us down. “- Can’t Nobody, 2NE1.

That’s all the information about some of the English version songs that have been released by several popular K-Pop groups, from the second generation until the latest K-Pop groups who have recently debuted. Fans are certainly very enthusiastic about the English versions, which helps the groups add fans from all over the world. Let’s continue to support all K-Pop group activities and promotions so that they can be more successful with their latest work!