Here Are Some K-pop Idols Who’ve Admitted to Having Plastic Surgery

Super Junior’s Shindong


Shindong apparently had undergone a plastic surgery procedure. He had undergone eyelid surgery on the advice he received from the CEO of SM Entertainment. Lee Soo-man at the time thought that Shindong’s face looked gloomy, and told him to get plastic surgery.

While guesting on the show Star Gazing from the Korean television station MBC, Shindong revealed the reason for his plastic surgery. Shindong performed the procedure on his eyelids called the double eyelid.

When I was a guest at an program, Teacher Lee Soo-man said, ‘How could you look strange in the eyes? After I looked in the mirror, his words were true,” Shindong said. “Then, I tried by putting tape on my eyes to make the eyes look wider. Apparently, the results were really good. The next day, I went straight to the clinic that provided plastic surgery and immediately asked them to did the procedure.

Shindong’s fans admit that their idol does look better after performing the double eyelid plastic surgery. Some fans who attended the program even said that Shindong should have had plastic surgery since before his debut.



Invited on the program Happy Together 3, singer and rapper Jessi did not hesitate to admit that she had plastic surgery on her eyes and nose. Not only that, she also admitted to implants in her breasts. Jessi admitted that the reason for plastic surgery was because of suggestions from her agency that were designed to help her look more photogenic. But instead of being happy, Jessi cried and was disappointed with the results of her surgery.

I regret having surgery. Before I debuted, I wasn’t too photogenic. So my agency recommended that my nose and eyes be operated on. When I first saw my new face, I cried because I thought I looked like a monster,” Jessi said.

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