Here Are Some K-pop Idols Who’ve Admitted to Having Plastic Surgery


Everything You Should Know About The K-Pop Idols Who Dared To Admit Having Undergone Plastic Surgery!

Plastic surgery is a way that many people, both the general public and famous artists or K-Pop Idols, in Korea get to become as handsome or beautiful as they wish. Plastic surgery in South Korea is not an ordinary thing. Not only among artists or K-Pop Idols, but also ordinary people. The purpose of plastic surgery itself is to improve the shape of the face, to make it look more attractive. The majority of parents in South Korea don’t oppose it if their child wants plastic surgery, instead they support it.

Plastic surgery among K-Pop idols is usually done before they enter the world of entertainment. Some idols decide to remodel their face by doing plastic surgery. If there are some idols who have covered up that they’ve had plastic surgery to get an attractive face like now, some other idols actually honestly say that they underwent plastic surgery for a variety of reasons. Here are some Korean artists who honestly say they have had plastic surgery so they can have a handsome and beautiful face like now!

In this article, Channel-Korea will show you aboutidols who did plastic surgery and dared to admit it in public. So, stay tuned!

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun


The youngest member, or often called as maknae, in the group Super Junior has repeatedly claimed that he got his eyelids from the results of plastic surgery. Many people are fascinated by the work of the plastic surgeon who handled Kyuhyun, because the double eyelids on Kyuhyun’s eyes look very good and in accordance with the character of his face. Even the other Super Junior members often make fun of Kyuhyun’s eyelids as the best plastic surgery in history!

On the program Radio Star, Kyuhyun said that he had double eyelid surgery. He also said that carrying out the procedure was on the basis of his own desires. He performed the operation for personal reasons, because he was the only person in his family who had a single eyelid, while his parents and sister all have double eyelids. But the funny thing was that after undergoing plastic surgery, Kyuhyun’s parents didn’t even notice a change in their child’s face.

Seoul TouchUp



She openly admitted that she had plastic surgery. This was revealed when she appeared on one of the JTBC programs, Ask Us Anything, with her group, Momoland. Initially, she talked about how to release stress. JooE said that she can release stress when getting new ear piercings. “I have five on the right and eight on the left,” said JooE. When Heechul looked at her, she showed her left ear, which has 8 piercings. JooE added that her right ear used to look great with only five piercings.

I actually really like my right ear, but I no longer have cartilage there,” said JooE. Heechul then asked where her left ear cartilage was gone, JooE casually answered that the cartilage is now part of her nose. “It (cartilage) moved into my nose,” said JooE. When the secret was revealed, she tried to joke with herself. “So if I take my nose, I also take my ear,” said JooE.

DIA’s Chaeyeon

Chaeyeon was recognized as one of the visuals when she appeared on Produce 101. More than a few people have said that she is similar to her senior who first made many people fall in love, Miss A’s Suzy.

In the Video Star program that aired on MBC Every1 in 2016, when Kim Sook (one of the supporters of the Video Star program) showed Chaeyeon’s childhood photo and wondered who it was because it looked different from the idol now. “I was fat first. I used to weigh 64 kg, now I’m 48 – 49 kg,” Chaeyeon explained.

The MCs then asked if Chaeyeon had plastic surgery on her eyes, because they first assessed that she didn’t have double eyelids (forming eyelids so that the eyes look bigger). Chaeyeon denied she did plastic surgery on her eyes, and said that her double eyelid formed naturally during middle school.

But then, Chaeyeon honestly said that she had surgery on other parts of her face. “I did surgery on my nose,” she admitted and surprised the supporters of the program.


ZE:A’s Kwanghee


On October 26, 2010, Kwanghee made a surprise while appearing on Strong Heart. In contrast to what K-Pop idols usually do, where most of them hide the fact that they did plastic surgery procedures, Kwanghee, casually and still full of jokes, admitted that he had plastic surgery. Regarding the reason, Kwanghee said, “I can’t sing and dance well either. So at least I have to do something on my face to live.

Kwanghee is unashamed if someone shows a past photo of himself before debuting as a celebrity, and said, “You don’t know? I’ve fixed everything. I’m a brilliant piece of plastic surgery. I need a year to restore the plastic surgery and plastic surgery doctor, thank you!

Gong Minzy

The former maknae (the term for the youngest member) of 2NE1 looks even prettier. Minzy, who originally had a nose that was not too sharp, now turned to be more sharp. Of course,  the speculation that Minzy had plastic surgery was immediately spread.

YG Entertainment, the agency that oversees 2NE1, finally opened up against the speculation about the artist, saying “Minzy did the surgery to improve the shape of the nose. But, the operation was carried out because Minzy had rhinitis, irritation, and inflammation of the internal area of ​​the nose.

Minzy also admitted that she had plastic surgery. “Many talk about the changes that have happened inside me. Incidentally, I am not a person who can keep a secret. So, I will tell you. It really is true that I have plastic surgery,” Minzy said.

In fact, Yang Hyun-suk, the founder of YG Entertainment, strongly opposed the plastic surgery performed by his foster artist. However, Minzy still had the procedure for health reasons.

Previously, I had a chance to discuss with my agency. They allowed me to did it. Finally, with courage, I underwent surgery. Improvement of nose shape is done so that I recover quickly. In addition, plastic surgery on the nose will also help in getting rid of allergies that I experienced,” Minzy said.

Female On Klik!

Super Junior’s Heechul


Super Junior ‘s Heechul is known as an idol who is quite outspoken in his speech, including about matters of plastic surgery. The idol, who also works as an MC, admitted that he had plastic surgery on his nose, not because he wanted to look more handsome, but because Heechul’s nose was broken so he needed to fix it.

Heechul admitted he had indeed had surgery on his nose, but not plastic surgery. “I once fell, causing a broken nose. Finally, I was operated on so that my nose could be ‘right’ again,” Heechul said in the Ssulzun program.

Heechul admitted he was disappointed with the results of his operation. He thought that after the operation his nose would be more pointed, but apparently not. Heechul thinks his nose is the same as before.

I had asked the doctor to operate so that my nose more pointed. But the doctor chose to improve my nose.

According to Heechul, the phenomenon of plastic surgery in his area occurred not because of the doctor, but because of the person himself. “All the beauty here is because of their own greed, doctors only carry out procedures.” Although disappointed, Heechul is grateful for what he currently has.