K-Pop Idols Who Still Look Good in Their 40s: Eun Ji-won, Kangta, Eric Mun, etc.

Tony Ahn

Tony Ahn (born on June 7th, 1978) is a South Korean singer and widely known as a member of H.O.T. along with Lee Jae-won. Now, he mostly appears as the guest in the reality show. Here’s how Tony Ahn looks these days!


Tony Ahn may already look aged, but he has aged very well.

Seo Tae-ji

Jung Hyun-chul (born on February 21st, 1972) is best known as Seo Taiji or Seo Tae-ji. He is a South Korean singer, musician, record producer, and songwriter. Seo Tae-ji might be the most influential icon among the K-Pop idols in South Korea and he is even being given the title “The President of The Culture.” After being in a heavy metal band called Sinawe, Seo Tae-ji formed Seo Tae-ji and Boys (along with Yang Hyun-suk) and became a huge success, as the group contributed that much to K-Pop history. Ler’s see how is Seo Tae-ji right now!


Seo Tae-ji looks like a fresh young man who is really smart about many things.


Park Jin-young (born on December 13th, 1972) is very well known as J.Y. Park or JYP, the CEO of the biggest entertainment company in South Korea, JYP Entertainment. He is a man with high musicality, as he is the singer, songwriter, dancer, record producer, and the founder of JYP Entertainment. He started his career in the 1990s, his solo career made a big contribution to K-Pop along with Seo Tae-ji. In 2001, he established JYP Entertainment and now he produces the most famous boy bands and girl groups around the world. Let’s take a look at JYP’s recent appearance!



Well, he always looks hot and rich with his simple suit. Here is a bonus of JYP’s bop single titled “Who’s Your Mama.”

That’s all about the first generation ahjussi‘s recent appearance. Who do you think has aged the least and can be called the “vampire?” Please don’t forget to kindly share your thoughts in the comment section below!