K-Pop Idols Who Still Look Good in Their 40s: Eun Ji-won, Kangta, Eric Mun, etc.


Meet The Charismatic Ahjussi Idols, From Eun Ji-won to JYP

No matter how famous the third generation K-Pop idols are right now, their success was preceded by their first-generation seniors starting in the 1990s, who first brought the K-Pop wave worldwide. Between the 1990-2000s, the first-generation K-Pop idols were highly influenced by hip-hop music from the west. During this era, many hip-hop stars were born, such as Eun Ji-won, JYP, Seo Tae-ji, and so on.

After so many years of hiatus from the entertainment industry, how do they look like now that they are in their 40s? Are they still the same hot guys from the past? If you are really curious, just stay tuned because Channel-Korea will show you the ahjussi’s current appearance!

Eun Ji-won


Eun Ji-won (born on June 8th, 1978) is a South Korean rapper, host, dancer, and composer. Eun Ji-won is famously known as the leader of the first generation boy band SechKies. After SechKies disbanded in 2000, Eun Ji-won focused on his solo career as a hip-hop singer and host. In 2016, after 16 years, reunited with members of SechKies through the Infinite Challange program, Eun Ji-won and his bandmates signed an exclusive contract with YG Entertainment.

Eun Ji-won is still active in the entertainment industry until now. Recently, Eun Ji-won released his solo album in June 2019 titled G1 with 9 tracks. Let’s see what he looks like in the present day:


Do you agree that Eun Ji-won is still hot at the age of 42? He has only aged a little! Many netizens said that he is totally a vampire, who doesn’t age at all. Here’s a bonus of his mesmerizing stage comeback bringing the lead track from G1, “I’m On Fire.”


Ahn Chil-hyun, or widely known as Kangta, (born on October 10th, 1979) is an R&B and pop singer from South Korea. As Eun Ji-won, he used to be the leader of a boy band called H.O.T. He is under the big label SM Entertainment and is also active as an actor. Recently, he is known for his affair scandal which caused him to delay his solo comeback in August. Let’s check out the recent appearance of Kangta!

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If you didn’t know him before, you wouldn’t believe that he’s a 40-year-old man! He looks like an oppa in his 20s; very youthful.

Eric Mun

Mun Jung-hyuk, or famously known as Eric Mun, (born on February 16th, 1979) is a South Korean rapper and actor. Joining the leader line with Kangta and Eun Ji-won, he is the leader of Shinhwa who recently celebrated their 20th anniversary. He just joined the new label along with his bandmate Andy at TOP Media. Here’s Eric Mun’s recent appearance!


Well, he looks like a hot daddy in his 40s. Still the same handsome and charismatic Eric Mun like from the past.

Lee Min-woo

Lee Min-woo (born on July 28th, 1979), or also known by his stage name M, is a South Korean entertainer and also the bandmate of Eric Mun. He’s now the co-CEO along with the leader Eric Mun of Shinhwa Company to manage their own group activities. Here’s Lee Min-woo’s recent appearance!

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We have to agree that some men are just getting hotter when they age, and this is what has happened to Lee Min-woo.

Yoon Kye-sang

Yoon Kye-sang (born on December 20th, 1978) is a South Korean actor and singer under JYP Entertainment. He used to be in the boy band called g.o.d but he left in 2004 to pursue his acting career. In early 2014, g.o.d was confirmed to be reuniting and also Yoon Kye-sang’s debut after a long time of hiatus from the music industry. Let’s take a look at his recent appearance!


Joon Park

Park Joon-hyung (born on July 20th, 1969), or also known as Joon Park, is a Korean-American singer, actor, and entertainer based in South Korea. He is the leader and the rapper of the boy group g.o.d, making him the bandmate of Yoon Kye-sang. Joon Park is now active in his own YouTube channel called Wassup Manvideo blogging about his life and traveling around Korea. He went viral in social media as he gained nearly 900,000 subscribers within two months. Let’s take a look at the recent appearance of Joon Park!

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요오우~ 인재 몃시간만있음 진심쓰 반백쓰돼나깐 40대한태 안녕쓰 하면서 몇일전찍은 나의 마즈막 40대사진쓰! 굿바이 40대쓰 핼로우 반백쓰~ 새로운시작쓰 재탄생쓰~ 기릿! 빼애앰!!! Yo~ Since in a few hours I will be sayin my goodbyes to my 40's and hello to bein 50… here are a few pics I took of the last days of my 40's a couple days ago! Goodbye 40's Hello half a Century.. New Beginning! Git it! BBBAAAMMM!!! #지오디 #fangod #박준형 #JoonPark #ParkJoonHyung #반백쓰 #July201969 #요오우진심쓰나이는숫자일뿐이라는걸다들아랐음좋캣다매애앤 #그니깐나이라는팬개로이거못해저거못해하지말구진쨔루못할때까지모든걸다해매애앤 #LetsGitit #빈티지가대새야매애앤차암나 #주름쓰두추한개아니라인생의고수라는흔적쓰그니깐태권도두하얀띠보다검은띠가좋운것처럼주름쓰GitIt차암나 #내가주름쓰으를유행시켜야개쓰그래야다들보턱쓰안맛구일부루주름쓰만드는걸유행쓰시켜야쥐불독이랑샬페이강아쥐쓰들이대새돼개차암나~ #FollowYourHeartandNavigateWithYourBrain #FridayNight #불금 #HavaSafeandFunWeekendEveryone #다들즐겁구안전한주말쓰글구내일생파올수있는꼬맹쓰들빡쒸개놀자글구못오는꼬맹쓰들은항상마음속으론함깨애쓰 #기릿 #불금쓰 #50 #SeoulKorea #Kpop

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In his mid-late 40s, he has become that hot ahjussi by showing his tight muscles and wearing cool sunglasses everywhere!

Lee Jai-jin

Lee Jai-jin (born on July 13th, 1979) is a South Korean singer and dancer. Along with Eun Ji-won, he is also a member of SechKies, the sub-rapper and the main dancer of the group. He is now being active with SechKies under YG Entertainment. Take a look at Lee Jai-jin’s recent appearance!

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Does he look like a man in his 40s? Definitely not! Let’s support him in his upcoming solo debut!