K-Pop Idols Who Have Filed Lawsuits Against Their Company: Hangeng, Kris, Kang Daniel, etc.

Hello Venus’ Alice


Hello Venus’ Alice is said to have won a lawsuit involving her and the previous agency she was signed under. Reporting from the Asia Economy, on April 30th, the Seoul District Court sentenced A Entertainment agency to guilty charges for Alice and was responsible for paying a fine of 80 million won.

Seven years ago, in August, Alice promoted with a girl group formed by A Entertainment with the stage name Ora. Artists and agencies started to get out of line about the clothes Alice was wearing. Alice said that the clothes she wore during her performance were uncomfortable and too open and provocative, making it difficult for her to perform. But her agency forced her to wear inappropriate clothes.

In addition, Alice also revealed that her agency did not provide good training and decent dormitories. Besides that, A Entertainment didn’t pay her 2 million won. Alice said that A Entertainment also forced herself and the other artists to carry out entertainment that was given a rate of 19+.

But A Entertainment denied this and accused Alice of not carrying out the training process well besides that she had made a loss for the MV production process worth 80 million won. In the end, the court decided to support Alice. The judge stated, “The agency claims Ms. Song violated the contract and did not carry out her schedule properly but there is no evidence to prove this. Therefore, we cannot accept the agency’s claims for this case.”

Jun Hyosung


Jun Hyosung and TS Entertainment’s competition was reopened to the public. On Wednesday (3/28/2018), a second petition for Jun Hyosung’s claim to TS Entertainment was held again. The meeting was to confirm the invalidity of her exclusive contract with the agency. The legal representative of Jun Hyosung said that his client no longer gets paid. The last payment received by Jun Hyosung was around Rp. 77.4 million in 2015. After that, Jun Hyosung no longer received her payment.

“Jun Hyosung did not receive proper payment even though she worked hard,” said the representative of Jun Hyosung. They said that the defendant refused to submit detailed evidence about the payment. The reason is that this is confidential. Meanwhile, TS Entertainment insisted that there were no problems with payments. The agency itself has submitted CCTV information videos about the payment.

“Payment details have been explained adequately,” said the agency’s representative. Because of this problem, Jun Hyosung remained determined to end her contract with TS Entertainment. However, TS Entertainment stated that it was impossible to terminate the contract between the two. Because the contract is still valid until 2021. Additional applications are scheduled for May 2nd. Jun Hyosung has actually filed a lawsuit regarding her exclusive contract since September 2017. In addition to demanding the cancellation of the contract, Jun Hyosung has also left Secret and opted for a solo promotion.

Samuel Kim


Samuel Kim’s decision to take an independent path made the Brave Entertainment agency choose to take legal action to settle it. Now Samuel is a lawyer and his mother explains the problem they are experiencing. “Starting last year, there have been several disputes between Kim Samuel and his agency,” said lawyer Samuel. It was said that the two main conflicts were issues of payment and participation in events that were not mutually agreed upon.

“My client has a problem not receiving the right account report and ambiguous income details. This has appeared several times but he has never been given the right income statement. Because this is where conflict arises. The second problem is caused by the digital currency business that deals with music content run by CEO Brave Entertainment. In Samuel’s contract, the conditions are such that revenue from the event or concert is shared, and promotional activities for Brave Entertainment will be considered additional and money may or may not be obtained. But Samuel participated in promotions for truly separate companies that were not related to his agency and contract,” said the lawyer.

“Samuel went abroad for an event, and at that time, he appeared, took photos, and recorded promotional videos, but he never agreed to do this activity. The company only gets approval to conduct events abroad and then makes him participate in other activities without telling him about the contents of the contract or the terms of income.”

“Only after fans and others complained about Samuel’s participation in an event for digital currency businesses, the agency showed fake contracts and claimed that their actions were justified,” the lawyer added. Samuel’s mother talked about her son’s conflict with Brave Entertainment through a press release. “Recently, Brave Entertainment has opposed Samuel’s guardian wishes and lied to force Samuel to get involved with the CEO’s personal digital currency company that has nothing to do with his activities as an artist. This really destroyed our trust in the agency. We submitted a request for repairs, but because the situation was not corrected, we notified the agency about the termination of the contract and left after completing the remaining schedule,” said Samuel’s mother.

“It was decided after notifying the agency about the termination of the contract that the problem could not be resolved through mutual agreement, and on May 20th, a complaint was lodged. After notifying the manager and staff, Samuel left for the United States for training. The claim that he had terminated the contact was baseless, because there had been communication through many telephone calls. As Samuel’s mother, I feel very unfortunate that he might be hurt by this deflected truth.”


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