K-Pop Idols Who Have Filed Lawsuits Against Their Company: Hangeng, Kris, Kang Daniel, etc.

Song Ji-eun (Former Member of SECRET)


The feud between TS Entertainment and Song Ji-eun seemed endless. Song Ji-eun herself has confirmed that she left the girl group Secret and TS Entertainment through her personal Instagram. Reported by Soompi, TS Entertainment finally issued their official statement regarding this matter. It said it would demand the return of the My Secret Romance cast.

The TS Entertainment said Song Ji-eun did not inform them of her decision to leave the agency and the girl group that raised her name. TS Entertainment also said that no final decision had been made regarding Song Ji-eun’s request to terminate the employment contract. Furthermore, TS will also sue Song Ji-eun if she continues the activity or schedule that has not been agreed upon.

“We support all Secret’s activities, both group activities, and individual activities as long as they are in the work contract. However, one member canceled the employment contract. We asked her to respect the current employment contract. But suddenly we heard the announcement of the contract cancellation and she has said that she will leave the group through their social media accounts,” wrote TS Entertainment’s representative.

TS Entertainment was so shocked to find out that other Secret members also knew about this from social media. Song Ji-eun had also never discussed the matter with her teammates. They also said they would support all group activities as well as individual artists. However, if the artist violates the agreement and work contract, TS Entertainment will sue her with severe legal action. Furthermore, TS also said the judge’s decision regarding the contract that was no longer valid was not the end of everything. At the end of the statement, TS expressed their apologies to all the fans and artists they were sheltering, because of the current problems.

After leaving the agency and group, now Song Ji-eun has joined a new agency and focuses on her acting career.


Kpop Wiki – Fandom

Previously, it was reported that one of the K-Pop groups has received bad treatment from the agency. The K-Pop group is INX, which debuted in 2016. On June 20th, the group finally won a lawsuit to end the contract with their agency in the Seoul District Court.

According to reports, their agency did not provide support, such as in terms of managers, transportation, and vocal and dance lessons. They also pay for hair and makeup on the grounds of “self-management.” Despite the hard work they have done, INX is said to have never been paid for their activities. When they brought the case to court, the judge stated that their exclusive contract was invalid because the company had not fulfilled their contractual obligations.

INX made their debut in 2016 with the release of the digital single “Alright,” and the last time they released “2gether” in 2017.

Kang Daniel


An exclusive Dispatch report regarding the conflict between Kang Daniel and LM Entertainment agency was released on Tuesday, April 2nd. The report said that the relationship between Kang Daniel and his agency was fine last year, including when he asked for a luxury villa on a housing estate in the Hannam area.

Launching Soompi, in the report, it was stated that LM Entertainment granted Kang Daniel’s request by paying an advance for the house of around 950 million won (around USD 836,300). But the problem arose when a woman referred to as Seol appeared. Seol is reportedly an agent in Hong Kong who works to contract Hallyu stars for business, such as advertisements and shows. Seol was also registered as a legal representative for the initial certification of the contract sent to terminate Kang Daniel’s contract. Earlier this year, Seol was reportedly introduced by Kang Daniel to LM Entertainment. Seol presented a proposal for Kang Daniel’s work abroad.

The conflict between Kang Daniel and LM Entertainment reportedly began when Seoul met LM as a legal representative of Kang Daniel on January 31st and asked to see his exclusive contract. Then on February 1st, Seol sent the certification content to LM including a power of attorney signed by Kang Daniel.

The power of attorney reads, “Kang Daniel signed that included unfair contract terms so that the request for the contract was considered invalid and so that the contract terms were renegotiated on February 28th,” the letter wrote. Kang Daniel himself signed a contract with LM Entertainment on February 2nd, 2018, and entered into force on February 2nd, 2019. Content certification on his contract was sent a day before the date the contract took effect.

The second notification was then sent to LM Entertainment on March 4th by the law firm Yulchon which is currently the attorney of Kang Daniel. One of the points presented was that LM did not pay Kang Daniel the 50 million won (around USD 44,000) that were promised when signing the contract. LM provided evidence that they have paid 48.35 million won (around USD 42,600) to Kang Daniel on April 14th, 2018. This is a payment of the contract minus a tax deduction of 3.3 percent.

Other points argue that LM Entertainment is registered as a popular culture business planning company on February 7th, 2019. They had not been officially registered when the contract was signed. This is one of the violations of the first clause of Article 13 in the contract in question.

“LM completed the registration on February 7th, 2019, which is five days after the start of the contract. Management rights and fulfillment of tasks are being carried out smoothly for other artists who sign the same requirements,” LM Entertainment said.

The biggest point of conflict is a joint contract between LM and MMO Entertainment. The attorney of Kang Daniel previously mentioned that the core rights of exclusive contracts, including the right to produce and distribute music content, concert rights, and international business, and the right to negotiate about Kang Daniel’s activities in the entertainment industry will be exclusively given to third parties, MMO Entertainment.

LM Entertainment argued that Kang Daniel and his mother were aware of the business partnership between LM and MMO. Besides that, MMO also does not have the power to run any business (for Kang Daniel) without the approval of LM Entertainment, CEO Gil Jong-hwa, and Kang Daniel himself.

Kang Daniel himself has submitted a request for the handling of his contract to the Seoul District Central Court. The decision on this matter was made on April 5th.

After his conflict with LM Entertainment ended, Kang Daniel founded One Man Agency with the name “Konnect Entertainment” to help with his solo activities.

L.Joe (Former Member of Teen Top)


At the beginning of 2017, L. Joe decided to leave the group that raised his name Teen Top and TOP Media agency. However, the decision was actually a long tide with the emergence of a lawsuit submitted by both parties.

After L. Joe had sued the agency because of the delay in handling his solo career, now it is the turn of TOP Media agency to sue the ex-foster artist for an exclusive contract violation. This demand followed a mediation process that did not find a meeting point some time ago.

A representative from TOP Media said, “We finally filed a lawsuit in court because it could no longer be handled. It is true that we have filed a lawsuit against L. Joe at the Seoul Central Court for violating his exclusive contract,” quoted Allkpop.

The demand filed by TOP Media was to ask L. Joe to pay compensation for losses suffered by the agency after he unilaterally terminated the exclusive contract. As is known, Teen Top was still bound by an exclusive contract with TOP Media until January 2018.

Previously, on July 31st, the Korean Entertainment Management Association (KEMA) had banned L. Joe from contacting other agencies as long as they were still in conflict with TOP Media. However, this guy, whose real name is Lee Byung Hun, is promoting his own solo and musical activities.



Previously, three of the members of KARA claimed to have reconciled with their management. But it turns out that now all three of them put the files in court for financial reasons. Seungyeon, Nicole, and Jiyoung claimed not to have gotten a fair fee for their hard work. The three also demanded that DSP Media pass to the Seoul High Court, Korea. They demand transparency of income and expenditure that goes through management.

“Without prior compromise, the agency reduced promotional costs from our payment, it could be classified as embezzlement. From January to June 2010 we had revenues of $410 thousand US, while promotion costs reached $390 thousand US. Costs were very excessive,” said the interpreter talk all three on Monday (02/14/2011).

They also revealed that for six months each member had only received $860 US in income. According to them, the fee is very unfair. Previously reported by Seungyeon, Nicole and Jiyoung had terminated the contract from DSP Media on January 19th. However, they still followed all the activities carried out by KARA. A spokesman for DSP Media said he was shocked to hear the lawsuit of the three KARA personnel.

“We met several times, but it is true that we are in a dispute and will discuss. But because they are filming ‘URAKARA’ in Japan, we have talked to their parents until they return. Now that we just found out they filed a lawsuit, we were just shocked. First, we will hold a meeting with the company before issuing a statement,”┬ásaid the spokesman.