Here’s a List of K-pop Idols who Battled Acne and How They Dealt With It

They All Had Problematic Skin: K-Pop Idols Are Human As Well!

It would seem that there isn’t a person alive that hasn’t had a skin issue at some point in their life, in the least an acne problem. Then, we see all these K-Pop stars with flawless skin on the television, in movies, or advertisements. However, even they have had a struggle with imperfections, and even they had to deal with their skin health, just like any normal person.

Severe acne is a skin condition that can really hit the spotlight for entertainers. This is because of the nature of their occupation coupled with the cause of the outbreak and the handling. In this article, you might be surprised to find out that these super popular idols have struggled with this issue. Read about it by scrolling down.

Donghae From Super Junior

Donghae from Super Junior has several photos of him dealing with severe acne. As entertainers and idols, mostly they need to use heavy make up to support their appearance on the stage or media. Skin needs to be treated and breathe in order to renew the skin layer.

Donghae took some selfies and didn’t feel embarrassed to show them, so it is not something that should be hidden or stigmatized. Donghae is on a daily basis involved in stage performances both on the air and off the air, which is why his skin gets sometimes irritated and he gets an outbreak of unwanted acne. As can be seen in the photo, his skin is not really in a bad condition, he only has several pimples that can be easily covered with some make-up.

Chanyeol From EXO

The brightest Chanyeol from EXO also can’t avoid the acne problem. Above we can see his bare face photo taken when he joined the reality show Law of the Jungle. Chanyeol probably didn’t have time to do his make-up since the shoot took place in nature and no one was in charge of the idol performance.

His acne don’t look really severe and it might be caused by a hormonal change or some other more superficial reason leading up to the outbreak. Chanyeol still looks fine and sincerely looks beautiful from inside.

Irene From Red Velvet

Irene from Red Velvet, who is visual of her group, also experienced pimple troubles on her face when she was shooting for the reality show Knowing Brother. Nevertheless, Irene still looks so beautiful throughout her appearance.

Again, acne or pimples are a normal occurrence and unless it seriously affects your health or damages your skin in a bizarre way then it should be overseen by a skin expert or a doctor.

Xiumin From EXO

Xiumin From EXO has several acne on his cheeks, but it looks like this is a pretty regular condition for his skin. His blemishes may look visible but he still shines through them. What do you think?

Daehyun From BAP

Dahyun from BAP, who is a singer in the six-member boy band BAP under TS Entertainment also has several random acne spread around his face. Do you think that they are drawing unwanted attention?

Taeyeon From Girls’ Generation

The angelic Taeyeon has also shown up with acne on her face. It would appear that she doesn’t always have the flawless and almost perfect skin that we normally see during her public appearances and performances. Without make-up, we can readily see that she does have the occasional blemish, however, it is nothing to be worried about.

Her look is still fine with it and could possibly cover entirely with some make-up to correct it easily.

Seohyun From Girls’ Generation

Seohyun from Girls Generation, the maknae or youngest member of this legendary girl group has also had her own struggle with pimples. It has been speculated that the cause of her outbreak is hormonal changes or repeated use of make-up.

Seohyun doesn’t seem to be bothered by the outbreak too much and her smile and adorable face can easily overpower any pimple or blemish on her face. At the end of the day, it is only a common blemish, right?

Taemin From Shinee

Taemin from Shinee also has had an outbreak of acne on his cheeks. Yet, he still looks fine with it and there is no need to always cover it up.

Kai From EXO

Kai from EXO has shown his bare face in public with his random acne. It is also just regular acne that gets visible when not wearing any make-up.

Kyuhyun From Super Junior

The handsome Kyuhyun from Super Junior who has a melodious voice, has been spotted with orange skin with acne like in the photo above.

Sunny From Girls’ Generation

Sunny from Girls’ Generation was seen bare-faced and showing all her skin imperfections including pimples when appearing in public without make-up. Her skin condition doesn’t indicate anything serious, just the usual outbreak that can happen for a number of reasons and to literally anyone.

Well, if Sunny could do it, then there is a hint that this is nothing to be ashamed of or feel troubled by and feel the need to hide. It is something that all of us have had to struggle with at one point or another and many of us are dealing with it on a daily basis.

That’s all about K-Pop idols who battled acne and how they dealt with it. So, no matter what, acne are just normal phenomena as we are living creatures and have hormonal changes in our lives. However, if an outbreak is really serious and severe and could seriously damage the entire face then getting checked by a professional is a must.┬áMoreover, it’s good to keep proper hygiene daily, to always clean your face before starting your day and after, also use necessary skincare products or moisturizers regularly.

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