Check Out The Appearance Of K-Pop Idols In TV Shows When They Were Still Kids!

SBS’s Drama ‘Ballad of Seodong’ (Choi Sulli)


In 2005, Sulli began acting professionally at the age of 11, when she was selected to play young Princess Seonhwa of Silla in the SBS drama Ballad of Seodong. Ballad of Seodong (Korean: 서동요) is a South Korean television series starring Jo Hyun-jae, Lee Bo-young, and Ryu Jin. The period drama is based on Seodong-yo, said to be one of Korea’s oldest folk songs and its first hyangga. Choi Sulli showed impressive acting skills even though she still a child, and grabbed viewers attention with her bright smile.

She continued to take on minor roles in television dramas and movies, such as Vacation (2006), Punch Lady (2007), and many more. After the SBS drama, she began training to became a singer.

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Bigbang’s ‘Idol World’ (WannaOne’s Park Ji-hoon)

Park Jihoon
Park Jihoon’s Website

Park Ji Hoon was battling with Big Bang some years ago. At that time, Park Ji Hoon was in first grade, and he appeared on the second episode of ‘Idol World’ with Big Bang. He introduced himself as ‘Ji Hoon who has the best face and body.’ Park Ji Hoon was a rising child actor back in 2007.

On that episode, Park Ji Hoon had a crying competition with the member of Big Bang, G-Dragon.

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GFRIEND’s Eun-ha


Eunha was a child actress and had a role in the 2007 television drama The Clinic for Married Couples: Love and War. Eunha debuted as an actress at the age of 9. She was debuted under her real name, Jung Eun Bi. She became a recurring member of the cast (Love & War Drama) until the show’s completion in 2014.




In one of the show’s episodes, Eunha’s character proclaimed her love for TVXQ‘s Yunho by pointing and confidently claiming, this is: “My husband in the future!” Even at that age, she displayed the same kind of conviction and charm fans know her for in G-Friend.


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