K-Pop Idols Before and After Surgery Transformation

K-pop Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

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Behind the beautiful advertising of plastic surgery clinics, there are many hidden truths about industry as not all surgeries go smoothly and end up how people planned.

In 2013, there were a lot of woman from China who were complaining because of failed operations, dodgy middleman and also “shadow doctors”. Taken from an article on Her World, one of the patients, Zhou Jun, 44, a Beijing native suffered from misaligned teeth after undertaking a jaw procedure. Because of that Zhou Jun has needed to wear a mask up until now. Another patient, Chen Yili, who has received a botched operation in South Korea suffered from a crooked nose, facial numbness and severe depression.

plastic surgery chen yili

Zhou Jun and Chen Yili are just 2 patient among thousands of patients from China who become the victims of unprofessional doctors and clinics that have made them suffer for the rest of their lives. Even though there are already many unsolved cases about this from several years before, the unsolved cases keep increasing each year up until now.

Every year, there are some protests in Seoul from a group of plastic surgery victims from China who are looking for justice and responsibility from the clinics. Because some of the cases were leading to crimes committed by the clinics, such as taking patients passports and belongings. The reason why they are doing that is to show the world about what will happen if surgeries go wrong and to prevent more victims to join them.


Victim do not only come from overseas, there are also many sad stories from South Korea which has been taken from an article on Reuters. In 2014, Kim Bok Soon, a Korean woman, underwent a nose surgery because she disliked her nose and was attracted to an advertisement of plastic surgery in a magazine at a hair salon. Even though her family objected, she kept getting surgery. After she had had around 15 surgeries on her face, she found out that her doctor was not a plastic surgery specialist. The effect of the surgery was that she had a broken her nose and made her face look more terrible than before. Not only that, she also suffered from depression.

Kim Bok Soon

Here are several reason why peoples plastic surgery goes wrong:

  1. People who are just attracted to an advertisement without consulting more with their families and plastic surgery doctors, may lead to false operations.
  2. Overseas tourist who haven’t done further research about the pros and cons of plastic surgery and just go through with it.
  3. Overseas tourist who can’t speak Korean fluently can have miscommunications when consulting with Korean doctors and can attract “ghost doctors”.
  4. Also, people who are just going through to the operating table without knowing the doctors background can lead them to “ghost doctors”.


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There are many pros and cons if you want to have plastic surgery. Until now, there are many people who compare themselves to the other appearances because of jealousy. While they are busy and hate their own beauty or handsomeness, they are forget the important of inner beauty from their heart. Well, it’s people choice actually. But, let’s not lose the real you above all else. Best wishes to all of you.