K-Pop Idols Before and After Surgery Transformation

Korean Hairline Surgery

hair surgery

For hairline surgery, there are 4 types of surgery, such as male hair transplant, female hair transplant, cosmetic hair transplant and laser hair removal. The cost of Korean hairline surgery starts from USD $5,000 to $12,000.

Korean Nose Surgery Cost

nose surgery

Several nose surgeries are nasal augmentation, base reduction and rhinoplasty. The cost of Korean nose surgery starts from $2,000 to $8,000.

Before and After Comparison: K-pop Idols Plastic Surgery Results

plastic surgery 1

Some idols have revealed that they have had plastic surgery in their life. Here are several celebrities who have talked about their experience with plastic surgery.

Kwanghee ZE:A


Kwanghee revealed that he had plastic surgery to boost his confidence. His mother who recommended him to undertake surgery has since said “If you want to be celebrity, you need to have good looking face”. He has been known as an idol who has gone through many plastic surgeries in Korean history, he received surgery on his nose, eyes and forehead. From his experience, he got a chance to be model for a clinic which promoted how to choose a perfect clinic for plastic surgery.

Gong Minzy


Ex-member of 2NE1, Minzy confessed that she had gotten nose surgery in 2013 when she was still with YG Entertainment. Through her previous agency, she get her nose done to cure her rhinitis.

Kim Hyun Joong

kim hyun joong

SS501 leader, Kim Hyun Joong, admitted he had received a nose bridge. The second lead of drama “Boys Before Flower” said that he did it because when he was younger, his nose was hit with a rock. So he had surgery to raise his nose when he got his nose bridge surgery.

Min Hyo Rin

Min Hyo Rin surgery

Actress and model, Min Hyo Rin has said that she had eyelid surgery in 2012. She, who is Taeyang Bigbang’s girlfriend, also clarified that she has only gotten eyelid surgery and admitted that her nose was natural.

Kyuhyun Super Junior

Kyuhyun SJ

One of Super Junior’s main vocals, Kyuhyun, admitted that he had double eyelid surgery. He revealed this on one of the “Radio Star” episodes. He said that both of his parents and sisters had double eyelids but he did not. Kyuhyun added that he has only had that one surgery as many people believe he also had nose surgery.

Goo Hara

Goo Hara

An ex-member of KARA revealed on an episode of “Happy Together 3” that she had undergone several procedures. “I do procedures like laser or Botox little by little. I diligently went to the dermatologist and even did a lifting,” she said. Well, she has tricked us with her natural look!