K-Pop Idols Discharged From The Military In 2020

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What’s Next For These K-Pop Idols after FinishingTheir Military Service?

Two years of military service is mandatory to all males in South Korea, including K-pop idols. This military service gives them a new experience and is performed by all male citizens.

Males must begin fulfilling their obligation when they are between the ages of 18 and 30, with exceptions for who those who have won gold medals or are classical musicians, dancers, and artists. K-pop stars and actors don’t fall under any of those categories. While they are enlisted, they have only limited access to phones and the internet, so idols are on hiatus while they are serving.

In this Channel-Korea article, let’s get to know some of the entertainers who being discharged from the military in 2020!

SHINee’s Minho

shinee minho military

Minho of SHINee has been enlisted in the military since April 15, 2019. He has been completing his service in the Marine Corps. According to the official blog for the South Korean Marine Corps, Fly Marine Boy, Minho was very focused during his training sessions.

shinee minho military

Here’s a photo from when he was learning how to wear a gas mask for chemical, biological, and radiological training in the third week.

shinee minho military

Minho, who comes from Incheon, was captured jumping from a 10-meter (estimated 32.8 feet) platform and running in full military gear.

shinee minho military

This idol from SM Entertainment will be discharged from the military on November 15, 2020. He was enlisted together with Dongwoo from INFINITE. He says he’s a little disappointed because none of the other members of SHINee wrote to him during his enlistment. Even so, he still reached out to them since he was not forbidden to use the phone.

shinee minho military

He plans to make as many memories as possible with his fellow soldiers in the time he has left to serve. He promised to avoid any harm before and after his time in the military, to keep good memories with his friends there.

Minho, who still looks charming in short hair, has offered his thanks to the fans that have sent him letters, and he swore to read all of them every day.


doojoon military

Yoon Doojoon started his military service on August 24, 2018, as a military policeman on active duty in the 12th Infantry Division. He was promoted to Corporal after three months because of exemplary military service in April 2019.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dojoon HIGHLIGHT ended up with an early discharge from his military service. At the time, he was on his last leave and was ordered to not return into his base.

On his V Live broadcast on April 10, Dojoon celebrated his official discharge from military service. He also said thank you for the unforgettable moments he had during his period of service. He said his experience in the service made him grow, mentally. He also thanked all the fans that supported him while he was fulfilling his obligation. He got permission to do a broadcast from the military, and he admitted that he still a soldier only until April 10.

BTOB’s Eunkwang

eunkwang military

Eunkwang from BTOB returned from his army duty on April 7, 2020. Due to the pandemic, he celebrated this moment through a live broadcast. Eunkwang was assigned as a duty soldier in the special forces in Special Warfare Command in August 2018.

He said in live, “I think I will be crying, I am BTOB’S leader, Seo Eunkwang, who has come back as a civilian today. Everyone, it’s nice to see you again. How are you?

eunkwang vlive

He also stated that he returned healthily, without any injuries, and always ate square meals every day, slept, and woke up early. He also gained 11-13 lbs. during his military service because he worked out a lot, so he put on a lot of muscle.

He’s said that he felt like he’d reached the second stage in his life because he was older, 31 years old, and felt like he’s been reborn since the mandatory service finished. He wants to spend this new stage of his life with everyone, and full of gratitude.

The staff from Cube Entertainment gave him a cake to celebrate his discharge. He also asked for fried chicken, since he needs more protein to keep the muscle he’s added. Eunkwang also shared his experiences from during a month of training with Yoon Doojoon. They got along well, but they was assigned to different units the following month.

Yoon Jisung (Wanna One)

jisung wanna one military

Yoon Jisung enlisted to the military on May 14, and went for training in Hwacheon County of Gangwon Province as the first step of his new role.

jisung wanna one military

He smiled brightly at reporters and fans who came on-site to see him. He said he did not have any thoughts yet about his feelings, but he was relieved that the weather was nice.

One of his friends, Jeon Si Hyun, who appeared on Produce 101 Season 2, took a picture with him, saying, “Who will I hang out with now? Feeling mixed emotions…” on the caption.

Yoon Ji Sung’s official Twitter account also shared two selfies with the caption, “As always, let’s meet again while smiling.

Moreover, he also released a special single for fans on May 19, as a gift from him before enlisting.