K-Pop Idols Who Used To Be MCs For ‘The Show’

T-ARA’s Jiyeon & Super Junior M’s Zhou Mi

t-ara's jiyeon & super junior m's zhou mi

Next are T-ARA’s Jiyeon and Super Junior M’s Zhou Mi, who also gained a lot of attention from people when they appeared as The Show‘s hosts! They were involved from October 28, 2014 until December 8, 2015. The event also marked Zhou Mi’s first debut as a television host in South Korea!

Jiyeon and Zhou Mi looked really great together as hosts, and they had a lot of funny interactions between them! It seemed like they would take any opportunity to joke around and make each other laugh.

Jeon So-mi & UP10TION’s Wooshin

somi & wooshin

For the latest season of The Show, which is also the program’s fifth season, Jeon So-mi and UP10TION’s Wooshin took their turns as the hosts! They hosted the program for several months, from October 11, 2016 until April 25, 2017.

Jeon So-mi and Wooshin’s host era was widely known due to their cheerful appearance. People hae referred to these two hosts as ‘SoShin,’ which stands for Somi and Wooshin. Even when they were together backstage, they simply sat together and enjoyed the performances on The Show!

One of the best moments during their era was the day when Jeon So-mi and Wooshin surprised the crowd by giving a special stage performance! They did a cover of the song Dream, which was originally sung by EXO’s Baekhyun and Bae Suzy!

CLC’s Ye-eun & NCT Dream’s Jeno

jeno & ye-eun

For another amazing set of hosts in The Show‘s fifth season, CLC’s Ye-eun and NCT Dream’s Jeno also showed their participation! They hosted the show from May 22 until October 23 in 2018. Not only that, they were also accompanied by Jin Longguo, as well! They were the longest-running hosts for The Show so far, and it was kind of sad when their era as MCs came to an end.

Jeno and Ye-eun shared a lot of precious moments. One of the moments to remember was during Jeno’s birthday, when Ye-eun gave him a little surprise by bringing him a cake! During their farewell, Jeno and Ye-eun said that they kept their farewell as a secret, because they wanted to expressed their farewells with a smile.

jeno & yeeun

The Boyz’s Juyeon, EVERGLOW’s Sihyeon, & Kim Min-kyu

juyeon, siyeon & kim min kyu

Last but not least, the current hosts for The Show‘s fifth seasons are The Boyz’s Juyeon, EVERGLOW’s Siyeon, and Kim Min-kyu! The three of them started their work since February 11, 2020 until now. Besides that, they are all also famously known for their ‘visuals’ during The Show, as well! Moreover, they were involved in The Show‘s host ability test, which intended for them to be ‘visuals’ hosts!

The iconic greetings from Kim Min-kyu as The Show‘s first-love, EVERGLOW’s Siyeon as The Show‘s love-fairy, and The Boyz’s Juyeon as The Show‘s forever-love also became really popular! During their time as hosts, they all coordinate really well, and the way they communicate with each other looks very pleasant!

That was all of the information about the idols-turned-hosts on SBS’s The Show! We can see a bunch of multi-talented K-pop idols who took their roles as MCs, which also made them look even more professional! Let’s keep supporting The Show and waiting to see who will be the next hosts!

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