From Sulli To BLACKPINK’s Jennie: Learn More About K-Pop Idols Who Have Received Hate Comments From Netizens

(G)I-DLE’s Soojin

Soojin (G)I-DLE is also ever received hate comments to her V LIVE that supposed to greet her fans. Soojin instantly changes her face like an upset look after reads the comment that saying “I am dumbfounded” several times. Moreover, Soojin also read out one of the comments saying, “There’s something on your face. Ugliness.” Right after that, she ended her broadcast.

Again a reason why Soojin (G)I-DLE has received hate comments is about her physical appearance. Rather than, fans also supported her with shouting out to the comments saying,

“There were too many comments that went over the line.”

“My heart hurt so much after watching Soojin’s live.”

“We’re sorry on their behalf…”

“I think she ended the broadcast early because of the comments.”

“What’s wrong with people?”

They also stated their concern to Soojin through Cube Entertainment to help the situation.



Jennie is a member of BLACKPINK that debuted under YG Entertainment. BLACKPINK has been popular all over the world and getting debut in the USA last year and invited to the most prestigious music show Coachella with other western singers.

Jennie has spotted to get hate comments from people recently. Despite her popularity and fresh style, she sometimes succeeds in hiding her sad expression and sometimes not.

Rumors about the source of the negative comments are coming from the assumption that Jennie gets favoritism from YG than other members. They look for several events that Jennie could get an outstanding costume to compare to others, her solo debut, assume that she got special treatment, which is no validation of that.

Moreover, she is also get bullied because of “bad attitude” scandals, “lazy dancing throughout the choreography stage, she much gets criticized during BLACKPINK performances. Besides, netizens assumed that she is YG Princess because she got more promotions than others. Despite it’s true or not, let’s not judge her. After all, she got all she receives right now because of her hard work for the first time.

That’s all about K-Pop Idols who have received hate comments from netizens. What do you think about this concern? Let’s keep supporting to all K-pop idols, your positive words matters. Give your input to this cause in the comment section below!