From Sulli To BLACKPINK’s Jennie: Learn More About K-Pop Idols Who Have Received Hate Comments From Netizens



The talented South Korean singer, IU, also has ever received hate comments on her career. She becomes one of the wise and takes action to the negative comments. IU pursue legal action to people who randomly put hate and non-sense negative vibes that disturb her. The malicious comments she had was including personal attacks, sexual harassment, wrong information, and violation of privacy.

Due to this incident, she also moved to EDAM Entertainment, which under Kakao M, which took seriously about this problem. IU started got malicious comments after she had a scandal with Eunhyuk Super Junior, and some people dislike her. Some other hate also comes after Jungkook BTS described her as his ideal type.

Regarding her action to deal with the negative comment that tends to give the wrong image, she got appreciation from Kim Hee Chul on the episode JTBC’s Love of 7.7 Billion on April 20. Kim Hee Chul Super Junior expressed, “I got a lot of hate comments since my debut. It was stuff like telling me to f**** off. The people started to say, “Raise your hands if you don’t like him! It’s harder than you’d think to sue people who write hate comments. Whenever we talk about hate comments on shows, I always say that people should handle it as IU does. She deals with hate comments wisely. I heard that when she meets with the perpetrators, they talk about their sad situation and how they’re getting stressed out from being sued, making IU seem like she’s the perpetrator. Let’s follow IU’s example and don’t let them off easy.”

It should be a lesson to learn from anybody who spread hate to anybody in the world.



Hwasa MAMAMOO has become popular on the K-pop idol, her girl group MAMAMOO has been successful in South Korean music. Hwasa gets such hate comments on her looks and appearance.

For instance, she ever received netizens who said that she was ugly and fat and not typically fit the South Korea music industry or female K-pop star.

Netizens throw hate towards Hwasa since she looks different, yet she is sexy and hot. Her skin a bit darker, and not skinny made her is not the same as Korean beauty standard also her confidence in wearing no bra to the airport. She was bullied, forced out of the group for unattractive assumptions, and comfortable skin. This reason again is very non-sense and not reasonable.

Hwasa MAMAMOO, who is a star and happy with her skin getting bullied, nobody could hate to being who you are. Hwasa said that she was nearly close to signing the agreement of leaving the MAMAMOO because of this malicious comment. Fortunately, it is not happening.

JYJ’s Yoochun


Park Yoo-chun was a former member of DBSK or TVXQ under SM Entertainment. He becomes one of the legendary Hallyu stars since TVXQ become famous worldwide. Some members are leaving the group, and Park Yoo-chun made another group called JYJ with remaining members of TVXQ.

He got several scandals during his career, such as drug controversies, sexual assaulting, lie on the press conference, and boldly made fan-meeting in Thailand during his probation in law. Throughout his popularity, Park Yoo-chun has been recorded as second high profile in some trouble case he has done.

Recently, ON March 2020, he also comes out to the public during his probation time on his brother live streaming on Twitch TV. People get angry about his action and behavior. Some of the people bad-mouthing him like:

“Wow…what mentality,”

“Wow, how has he become this way after being such a popular member in TVXQ back in the days,”

“Please don’t reappear on TV’.

On the other hand, Yoo-chun said that he was having hard on tackling his problem and come back to the entertainment. He promised to do hard work and pay forward to what he already received for all his fans.

BIGBANG’s Former Member Seungri


In 2019, South Korea shocked by the hot case that involved the entertainment industry. Seungri’s former member of BIGBANG was part of the Burning Sun scandal. He was connected with the alleged prostitution scandal with Yang Hyun Suk. T.O.P, who is another member of BIGBANG, also associates this scandal as well. Seungri, who has real name Lee Sung-Hyun, then forced to left Y.G. Entertainment and BIGBANG for this hot scandal as the source explained that Burning Sun night club had provided several “service” to Seungri clients or investors for business matters. Furthermore, hate comments he received after some people accused him of promoting his business to attract investors also disrespectful to the girl group during the show.

FT ISLAND’s Minhwan


Minhwan FT Island is getting some malicious comments after he delivered information that he was dating to Kim Yul-hee LABOUM in 2017. He revealed via his Instagram that after the engagement, he will marry her in the same year. Later on that year, Kim Yul-hee was pregnant in May, and they married in October 2018. Some people criticized their relationship since Yulhee just only 20 years old, and Minhwa also the youngest member on the FT ISLAND around 25 years old at that time. People assumed that they were too young and too fast for a serious commitment.


Despite that, the other member of FT ISLAND, Hongki, supported the maknae, Minhwan, to his decision. He responded on kiss Radio to the public that Minhwa and Kim Yul-hee were a happy couple and didn’t worry about them. Let’s excited to see them together. Till now, this couple already has a newborn baby in 2019 and twins! They were also popular in reality, show Mr. House Husband”. Keep positive everyone!