From Sulli To BLACKPINK’s Jennie: Learn More About K-Pop Idols Who Have Received Hate Comments From Netizens


Hate Comments on K-pop Idols?

Malicious comments have been concerned as a problem in this digital era. People nowadays are easy to access information and express anything without screening anytime.

This cause also attached to the idol or Korean idol in common. K-pop stars have to deal with hate comments from anonymous people or random humans who negatively use their free-speech. These kinds of people do not understand how it will hurt human beings differently, depending on their mental state.

On this Channel-Korea, read more about Sulli to Jennie BLACKPINK, who has been impacted by hate comments from netizens. Stay reading!



The beautiful Choi Jin-RI or Sulli has been massive popular after becoming one of the members of f(x) along with Victoria, Amber, Krystal, and Luna under South big music label, SM Entertainment in 2009.

Her cute, charming, unique style has been inspiring her fans and all people who look up to it. Sadly, life is sometimes made heartbroken, Sulli was leaving the world in 2019. She was found passed away by his manager in her home. Police confirmed that Sulli has been committing suicide by hanging herself on the second floor.

Shortly before this incident, Sulli got many malicious comments on social media. She bullied online continuously after she uploaded her photo wearing revealing clothes without a bra. Some people online criticized this action, which is not appropriate regarding their thoughts. Whereas nobody will criticize you in other open-minded countries, you are free to do what you made happy in your skin.


Furthermore, Sulli also had a relationship with Choiza, who is had a substantial different age gap. Choiza is a rapper whoever collaborated with Gaeko, a famous South Korean rapper. Before she is found passed away, Sulli had Instagram live and said, “ Please don’t misunderstand me. I’m not a bad person.”

Hate comments have become a significant impact to Sulli that cost her precious life. These incidents become a slap to netizens to use social media wisely and critical learning to the world.

Park Bom


The talented and beautiful Park Bom is a member of the legend South Korean group 2NE. She becomes the second generation of the successful K-pop idol that debuted in the 2000s. Unfortunately, the group disbanded in 2016.

Park Bom got hate comments after she uploaded her latest surgery face. She has been received malicious comments regarding her surgery operation. Some cruel people commented that her as “plastic face” or “looking scary” or wondering she had pretty face in the first place and take surgery. Under surgery or not is up to the right of anybody, because everyone has their own free choice, which is no need to explain and also this wouldn’t hurt anybody. So, keep it, positive everyone, we are not on the right to judge.


Recently, Park Bo-gum appeared on 56th Grand Bell Awards, she wore a two-piece chick outfit, with a new weight gain look. The agency confirmed that she has been under tough times and stressful. She had rumored to undergo another plastic surgery. But she will be released the next after she is in a comfortable state as her agency responsed.

Red Velvet’s Yeri


Yeri has also had some malicious comments on social media ever. Yeri is a member of the rookie girl group under SM Entertainment, Red Velvet. She ever gets traumatized when so cruel negative comments come out during her live chatting online. Other times, she was uploading a new post of her selfie on Instagram, she didn’t write any caption, just waving hand emoticon, yet netizens keep posting some of the negative comments to her.

The reason for the malicious comment rumored was because some people criticized her as lazy and not harmonized on the stage. Moreover, she also being spotted to crying a lot at Jonghyun’s funeral, which made her called an attention seeker. This reason behind hate comments may non-sense, but yes, it really could affect the idol. It was being realized that sometimes haters attack idol for no reason.

Some people also support her, after seeing her reaction to living in reading hate comments, it was said, “After this post came up, Yeri’s expression hardened completely and she wouldn’t even talk. I think Yeri saw this post. When she was doing the choreography practice, her voice sounded like she was purposely holding back tears. Please think again before posting something like this. Please also remember that she’s not a celebrity but an ordinary female student in freshman year of high school.”