Park Ji-hoon, iKON’s Chanwoo, and Other K-Pop Idols Who Started Their Careers as Actors!

Astro’s Moonbin

Moonbin played the young version of Kim Bum’s character So Yi-jung, a skilled potter and a well-known playboy. Despite his young age, Moonbin had to convey the childhood traumas that So Yi-jung had endured that made him how he is in his 20s. This is what made him stood out compared to the other child actors playing the rest of F4. Netizens reacted with comments, “Heol that was Moonbin?? I just noticed. Daebak,” “He grew up so handsome?” “Holy sh*t, he made an appearance here. He’s cute now and he was even cuter when he was younger. He was 11-years-old back then TT So cute,” “Aww, he looks the same.”

Big Bang’s Taeyang

He was originally a child actor and had a small role in Besame Mucho/Kiss Me Much as a child bully and in JinuSean’s “A-YO” MV (that was also where he first learned about hip-hop/R&B). As a child, his dream was original to be an actor, then under YG Entertainment, he decided that he wants to become a rapper. The fact that he was a child actor was then revealed during the Infinity Challenge episode where he and fellow bandmate, G-Dragon, were guests.

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